The following is the list of rules for Choose Your Own Alternate History! Redux. This page will be added/changed as circumstances, but the most recent date of changes will be seen in my signature. Tbguy1992; Talk; Blog 00:18, January 20, 2014 (UTC)

Sample Page

Previous - [Insert previous link here]

[Paragraphs to explain the result of choosing the previous choice]

[The question that is the result of what happens, and what should happen next, because of the above paragraph(s)] (If it is the end of the story line, place "End of Story line" instead of a question and choices)

  • Add
  • Your
  • Choices
  • Here!

[Preferably more than two choices must be given, but they do not need to be filled out by you]

[Your signature, or four Tildes (~) in a row]

Basic Rules

  • No use of "Alien Space Bats" unless in approved timelines
  • Realism is a must: No Switzerland taking over the world in a year, sorta thing.
  • More than one divergence per section will be accepted.
  • The first POD shall not be changed ever. A second maybe added at a later date, but for now one will do.
  • Keep it different; remember that by choosing a different path virtually everything will be changed!
  • If you create a page, sign it!
  • Remember that this is still part of a larger series of articles, so add (CYOAH!Redux) to all titles to ensure that they will kept together
  • Link the article that leads to the one you are on, so it is easier to go back. But, just one is all right (don't go back to the first POD!), to make it easier.
  • You must add Category:Choose Your Own Alternate History!Redux to every page, and the Category of the first POD in the chain.
  • Don't be afraid to end the story line! As long as it ends with a conclusion to the result of the previous divergences, it will be fine.
  • Skip through the years a bit; its not necessary that every divergence be right after the end of the previous one.
  • If the choice link is red, add on! If the choice link is blue, don't touch it!

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