Follow the rules of the game. If not, a warning will be given. Three warnings and you are out for 1-2 weeks!

Basic Rules

  1. The main goal of the game is to survive the spread of the nuclear winter and your countries enemies.
  2. Every player can have a country.
  3. Declaring war is allowed only when you have a plausible reason. The reason will be voted by Top mods and creator if its suitable or not. 
  4. If you want to attack a country, you have to write an algorithm besides declaring your reason. (There are consenquences)
  5. Each turn of the game will be one year.
  6. A turn of the year will be done only when there are at least 2/3 of the players have written.
  7. Top Mods can change the year besides the creater.
  8. Unions and Allies will have to be written on the game's talk page.
  9. Unions and Allies can break only if you have a plausible reason. The reason will be voted by Top mods.
  10. If a country does not have a player but is mentioned/ attacked/ contributed/ asked for an aliiance or union etc. ; top mods can write for that country.
  11. Only creator gives a warning. However, if the top mods don't agree and vote not to, the creator cannot do so.
  12. Definatly no sock-puppets. If found out, you will be immediately banned from the game forever.
  13. You can only write once for every year! 
  14. Never trade any of your scores: Economy, technology, Industry, army and navy.
  15. Cannot go back to past years and add stuff in order to give advantages to yourself!
  16. If creator decides to do something big, the top mods can vote to agree on it or not. 
  17. No vandalizing.
  18. How you lose the game: When your economy goes to zero.


What you can only do:

  1. Each nation can only write once for one year.
  2. If people continuosly forgot to write or quit suddenly, making less edits in one year, the creator or Top mod may decide on getting to another year after 2-3 days.

What you can do:

  1. Every turn, a nation may develop its economy, technology, Industry, army or navy score by 0.25 each year. You can only do either one for an year! 
  2. You may have a war
  3. You may also develop your industries/ trades.
  4. You may also say what you have invented. However, do not be ASB! For example saying inventing lightsabers!
  5. Some parts of your country may be hit by a nuke. You can say to clean the mess up. This takes around 3-5 years and after that, the nuclear winter may stop or slow down in your country! If you want to clean up radiation, your economy, industry, technology all have to be above 2.00. If other countries help you clean up radiation, the score adds up.

Unions & Allies


  1. If countries want to unite, they have to have a plausible reason. Their cultrues have to be same, their religion, how their government controlls things, who is their leader and why they are willing to unite, who are they fighting against or defend etc... The reason will be voted yes/no by creator or  top mods.
  2. As said, must have a very plausible reason.
  3. If Unite, cannot break up unless having a plausibe reason and will be voted by top mods or creator.
  4. Countries can unite as many times as they want.
  5. If countries unite, only one person can write for all the nations. 


  1. Countries can have alliances.
  2. If countries want to have an alliance, they don't have to be checked by the mods or the creator. They just have ot say the reason and the two countries continue to be played by two people.
  3. If country A wants to ally/ unite with country B, but country B does not have a player playing it. A mod will decide on the reason and will agree on it or not.
  4. Have a plausible reason to ally. 
  5. Alliances take around 2-3 years to make up.
  6. The principles of an alliance is to help each other either there is a war, rebel in the country, natural disaster, food supply, bankrupting... etc
  7. The countries of an alliances can of course choose to not help but the alliance may break. 


  1. Never, ever have score trading.
  2. Every year, your nation can improve its score on either army, navy, economy, technology, Industry options by 0.25.
  3. You will need to add the scores to the score page yourself. If you have any scores loss because you had forgot, it will be your fault and cannot add back or change them.
  4. Never go back and change what you increase for 0.25 back in the past years of the game. This is prohibited and will definatley get a warning once found out!
  5. If your economy score goes down to 0, your country will bankrupt and you will be out of the game choosing a new country.
  6. You industry score has to be above 1 to start develop your own products/ weapons.
  7. You technology score has to be above 1 to start develop weapons. However, if your industry score is more than 1 but your technology score isn't, you cannot develop weapons.
  8. The products mentioned above that can be produced in your own factories are furniture, vehicles (only on land), food, buildings...
  9. The weapons mentioned above that can be produced in your own factories are guns, ammo, tanks, jets, missiles etc.
  10. To develop nukes, you have to have an indutry and technology score both higher than 1.50 *


The algorithm is made to see if you have won a war or not. You will have to write it if you are the attacker/ attackers. If you write the algo, you will also have to write one for the defender country. To do an algo, you look at the instructions below. If you don't know how to write one, ask the creator, Captainjohnrex, on his talk page or the top mods if they could do one for you! You write your algo at the Algorithm page. If you're not sure if the algo is done right, you can either send it to creator or the top mods to check it for you. To see if you won a war, the aftermath will be written by the mods and will say if you win or not!

Captainjohnrex (talk) 15:12, May 29, 2014 (UTC)

Please to be note that, everytime you attack a country (no matter how many times in a year or decade), there will be consequences...  

  1. Your army score will minus 0.5.
  1. Your navy score will minus 0.5.
  2. Your economy score will minus by 1.0
  3. Industry cannot be increased for the next year
  4. Technology cannot be increased for the next year
  5. Population will minus depending on how severe the battle was and will be agreed by mods.
  6. Colonial score add 1 if gained land- won the war.

If other countries help you in this war by sending troops only, their army, navy and economy will all minus by 0.15.

This is how you do an algorithm and where you put it (algorithm): - Link


  1. Maps have to be in PNG.
  2. Maps can only be made by Top mods, Creator and Map maker. 
  3. Only add colour to countries when there is a player playing it. 
  4. If a player quits the game, mods have to erase the colour.
  5. Keep the original map.
  6. Update the newest map once in two years.
  1. When updating map, do not ever delete any map or replacing any.

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