• The main goal of these rules are to keep the game realistic. Every turn must be plausible and no one can achieve world domination in ten turns,

A turn is one day. Each turn is composed of actions, which can be militaristic, economic, diplomatic or constructive

Alliances and unions are allowed

  • No editing any past turns to contradict events which have already happened if they mess-up the game in a huge way.Players can post 3 turns at the most.
  • If a nation is inactive then it is considered to have become isolationist and is fair game for conquering and attacking. However, there will be resistance.


Each nation has one turn during which it may do one of the following actions.

  • Work on the nation's military.
  • Work on the nation's economy.
  • Work on the nation's infrastructure.
  • Expand the nation. 
  • Start or remain in a conflict.
  • Always include a name for your nation. If your nation is  North Korea please use some thing like this "The North Koreans government declares xxx" or "N.K colonists in china push north into unclaimed territory

When you expand into another nation, always include the actual name.

Dynastic and Personal Union

  • Dynastic and personal union is multiple nations ruled by a single dynasty or person, respectively


  • Border states may gain independence at any time.
  • Other nations can help out the rebels.
  • Massive cultural shifts. Cultural shifts take many decades, have to have good reason, and tend to not be drastic. Religious changes in nations, other than secularism rising in the twentieth century, will almost always just be a denominational change.Some may see this bad in your nation will revolt.


  • Capital and other cities (Urban Areas)
  • Official language, culture, and religion (Culture)

Ruler  government system (Government)

  • A description of foreign relations (Foreign Relations)
  • List of colonies and colonial history (Colonies)

Types of Countries

Regions in light gray are fragmented. Countries which are fragmented may have a weak or powerless central government. This could mean that they either:

  • have no central authority (can overlap with the first) are composed of numerous small city-states or small kingdoms.
  • Countries that enter this state may come out of fragmentation, but it will take anywhere from a few years to a few decades depending on the size.. 
  • This will only happen if you off for a long time
  • All nation will have 5 out 10 respect which you can rise or lower.


You may declare a war on any country at any time. You may have any NPC declare war on you so long as it is plausible. Small border expansion can (But is unlikely to) be completed without a war.

In cases of civil wars, other wars where both factions are controlled by the same player unless a nation help out the rebels.

Defender will have a advantage and the attacker won't etc (under ground tunnels minefield more)


Different nations would have strong big army while others have small but strong armies. Player can buy more weapons at a legal or illegal weapon deal.

Every nation will have a stable economy that can happen if you rise by traded oil, coal to nations.

Economy zones are

Aden: Somali,Ethiopia, most of Africa

Most of Iran: every where not in the west

Istanbul: Most Europe

Sinai:Most of north Africa and south Europe

Economic boom

Much larger Economy:+10

  • Larger Economy: +5
  • Larger Trade/Colonial Empire: +5

Military boost

Has not lost any of the previous three wars: better troops that are well trained.

Lost more than two recent wars: Most likely bad economic and low moral.

The people

All nation people will have 100 percent happy but can go down with bad moves which cause a civil war of some sort.

Treaty Breaking

  • Attacker breaks non-aggression pact/treaty: -5 respect maybe even -7 percent on happiness.

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