These are rules for Ancient Breakdown.

Basic Rules

◾The main goal of these rules are to keep the game realistic, every turn must be plausible and no-one can achieve world domination in ten turns.

◾A turn is one day. Each turn is composed of actions, which can be militaristic, economic, diplomatic or constructive.

◾Turns begin at 00:00 UTC. Do not edit past turns.

◾Remember the ancient rules. So there is no nuclear weapons, or even gunpowder.

◾Every five years a map is to be made. A moderator marked as the Mapmaker will edit the map.

◾Ancient Rome was not, it does not exist. Other ancient powers are in place.

◾If you are new, you may start the game in the turn that you joined.

◾Profile pages for your state are highly recommended.

◾You can travel to America and other parts of the normal, you can do even if the nation in South America.

◾You can make the nation itself, it does not necessarily have to be the ancient nation. Keep in mind, however, that the United States and Russia does not yet exist.


Each nation has one turn during which it may do one of the following actions. ◾Work on the nation's military

◾Work on the nation's economy

◾Work on the nation's infrastructure

◾Expand the nation

◾Start or remain in a conflict.

Also remember that you can not fight a war without an army. If you're wondering very much how this is done, look at the example of the other games on the map. Or you can ask me (Yoshifan420)


You can put your name on the moderator list below, and you will become a moderator. It requires that you do not spam,and you really do moderator. You can also "ask" can you get the map by a moderator. Do not outrage, if you fail to place the moderator. Game players can only maps if they get permission to do so.


◾Only mapmakers may post the main map. Anyone may dispute the map if they see a problem. Ask a moderator if you want to map element (and at the same time as moderators). If the moderator agrees, the person can start making maps.

◾No-one else is allowed to post on the main map. This is to prevent errors and overexpansion.


States may start a war against each other, just as in real life. Again, keep in mind that the armies of antiquity, for example, tanks and planes do not exist, but, for example, horses and elephants. If you win the war, not the area / city in which to attack. The whole state is, of course, get together in the war. May also negotiate and agree on peace, if both countries do. Keep in mind that the dying soldiers will not be back, if not get more. The same will happen to all the animals. War can not be decided in one turn, if only one player is playing. Military Attacks shall take place RNG strategy. The RNG level of 1-30. (IF YOU HAVE ANY ANOTHER IDEA FOR WARS, PLEASE COMMENT SOON!)


Location goes by region/city

◾At the location of the war: 25-30 (Kills 200 people, 2000 soldiers *war opponent)

◾Next to the location of the war: 20-24 (Kills 150 people, 1000 soldiers)

◾Close to the location of the war: 15-19 (Kills 100 people, 100 soldiers)

◾Far from location of the war: 10-14 (Kills 10 people, 10 soldiers)

◾Other side of the world: 5-9 (Kills 5 people, 0 soldiers)

◾Antarctica: 1-4 (Attack don't work)

Troops will receive a bonus of 1 to 10,000 soldiers. Example: "Carthage has 25,000 soldiers. Carthage bonus is 3". Forces to increase by fifty soldiers, take one turn.

Tactical Advantage

Again, played by the RNG has, this time with 100's of places, if you hit At the location of the war or Close to the location of the war in the attack.

◾1-25: For a region, and the opponent can make a follow-up attack.

◾26-50: You managed to attack successfully. For a region, if not opposition to make a follow-up attack.

◾51-75: Attack did not print, but your opponent can not do three shifts attack on you, as you will not.

◾76-100: You failed in the attack. The opponent can make the attack automatically.

If you hit Close to the location of the war or Far from location of the war, Play again the RNG has.

◾1-50: You can try to place the attack again next turn.

◾51-100: The attack failed.

Other side of the world and Antarctica do not do anything.


The adversary may attempt to defend or to attack yourself, then your turn to play. This is not working, if there is a separate inhibitions (the opponent was already in the area) Play again the RNG has.

◾1-25: Defend, in three out of turn, all of your attacks.

◾26-50: Defending yourself war opponent's next attack.

◾51-75: You lose your opponent's next attack.

◾76-100: You'll lose all the attacks on three turn.

You do not have to defend or attack, if you do not want to. Only the moderator makes the RNG result.

See also

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