This is the system in which turns will be distributed.

- Beginning in 840, every nation will get one turn, and every turn will be five years.

- Once we reach the year 1000, every remaining nation since 840 will get two turns a day and every day will still be         five years

- By the time the game reaches the year 1400, any nation that has been around since 1000 can now have two turns a day, and any nation since 840 that still exists gets three turns a day. Every day is now 2 years.

- If the game gets to 1750 all nations since 1400 will get a colonization bonus (explained below). Every day is now a year. No new turn additions.

-Once the game reaches 1900 every nation since 1750 gets an industrialization bonus. No new turn additions. Every day is now half a year.

National Status

Your nation will have different statuses as time goes on, the following are them in terms of Independence.

Fully Sovereign, Autonomus Nation

This nation has full power to govern itself within the strains of plausibility. This nation can wage war, declare peace, and negotiate with other players to its hearts content.

Vassal State To Sovereign Nation

A vassal state is allowed to do much of what it wants much like a sovereign nation, with the only exception that it must pay some reverance to its mother state, be it through Political permissions, Money, or other form of political reverance. Second it must have been part of said mother nation before it was established

Colonial Settlement

A colonial settlement is maintained almost completely by it's mother state. A colony may fight in wars waged by its mother country, but may not wage war. A colony may solve internal affairs but may not deal in the international stage with the exception of a war for independence.

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