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A list of the non-Polish-Lithuanian rulers of Prussia, may be done properly with a template at a later date.

Grand Masters of the Teutonic Order

  • 1209–1239 Hermann von Salza. As a friend and councillor of Emperor Frederick II, Hermann achieved the recognition of the order as of equal status with the older military orders of the Knights Hospitaller and the Knights Templar by Pope Honorius III. In 1237, he also oversaw the incorporation of the Livonian Brothers of the Sword into the Teutonic order.
  • 1239–1240 Konrad von Thüringen
  • 1240–1244 Gerhard von Malberg
  • 1244–1249 Heinrich von Hohenlohe
  • 1249–1252 Günther von Wüllersleben
  • 1252–1256 Poppo von Osterna (the pretender Wilhelm von Urenbach (1253-1256) was chosen in opposition to Poppo von Osterna).
  • 1256–1273 Anno von Sangershausen
  • 1273–1282 Hartmann von Heldrungen
  • 1282 or 1283 –1290 Burchard von Schwanden
  • 1290–1297 Konrad von Feuchtwangen. After the fall of Acre, Konrad moved the Order's headquarters to Venice.
  • 1297–1303 Gottfried von Hohenlohe
  • 1303–1311 Siegfried von Feuchtwangen, of the same family as his pre-predessor Konrad von Feuchtwangen. Siegfried moved the order's headquarters to Prussia in 1309.
  • 1311–1324 Karl von Trier
  • 1324–1330 Werner von Orseln
  • 1331–1335 Luther von Braunschweig (Lothar)
  • 1335–1341 Dietrich von Altenburg
  • 1342–1345 Ludolf König
  • 1345–1351 Heinrich Dusemer
  • 1351–1382 Winrich von Kniprode
  • 1382–1390 Conrad Zöllner von Rothenstein
  • 1391–1393 Konrad von Wallenrode
  • 1393–1407 Konrad von Jungingen
  • 1407–1410 Ulrich von Jungingen
  • 1410–1413 Heinrich von Plauen
  • 1414–1422 Michael Küchmeister von Sternberg
  • 1422–1441 Paul von Rusdorf
  • 1441–1449 Konrad von Erlichshausen
  • 1449 or 1450–1467 Ludwig von Erlichshausen
  • 1467–1470 Heinrich Reuß von Plauen
  • 1470–1477 Heinrich Reffle von Richtenberg
  • 1477–1489 Martin Truchseß von Wetzhausen
  • 1489–1497 Johann von Tiefen
  • 1497–1510 Frederick, Duke of Saxony
  • 1510–Present Albert of Brandenburg-Ansbach. Also known as Albert of Prussia, member of the von Hohenzollern dynasty.

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