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This is the list of the rulers of Israel, from the kings of antiquity to the present, within the history Glory Israel.

Great Kingdom of Israel (1046 BC-430 BC)

# Image King Reign Royal House Notes
01 Saul of Israel Saul 1046 BC-1004 BC House of Saul First king of Israel
02 David of Israel David 1011 BC-971 BC House of David Saul's successor
03 Solomon of Israel Solomon 971 BC-931 BC House of David Built the Temple of Jerusalem
04 Rehoboam of Israel Rehoboam 931 BC-913 BC House of David Fought in the First Egyptian-Israeli War
05 Abijah of Israel Abijah 913 BC-909 BC House of David Fought in the Phoenician-Israelite War
06 Asa of Israel Asa 909 BC-870 BC House of David Reformer and Conqueror of Egypt
07 Jehoshaphat of Israel Jehoshaphat 870 BC-845 BC House of David Fought in the Assyrian-Israeli War
08 Jehoram of Israel Jehoram 845 BC-840 BC House of David Pacified the kingdom after the war
09 Ahazhiah of Israel Ahazhiah 840 BC-820 BC House of David Continuous the pacification
10 Jehoash of Israel Jehoash 820 BC-790 BC House of David Conqueror of urartu

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