Rulers of the Roman Empire

Romulus Augustulus: 475 AD-477 AD

Joderic: 477 AD-480 AD

House of Nepos

Julius Nepos: 480 AD-491AD

Leontius: 491 AD-520 AD

Valentinian IV: 520 AD-542 AD

The Soldier Emperors

Belisarius: 542 AD-570 AD

Narses: 570 AD-585 AD

Valentinian V: 585 AD-590 AD

Decius II: 590 AD-617 AD

Tiberius II: 617 AD-623 AD

Marus I: 623 AD-633 AD

Marus II: 633 AD-634 AD

Aurelius: 634 AD-636 AD

House of Arbrovitus

Augustus II: 638 AD-655 AD

Titus II: 655 AD-674 AD

Valens III: 674 AD-698 AD

Honorius II: 698 AD-738 AD

Honorius III: 738 AD-748 AD

Valentinian VI (Usurper): 748 AD-751 AD

Marius: 751 AD-763

Claudius III (Usurper): 763 AD-764 AD

The Crisis Emperors

Valens IV: 764 AD-786 AD

Aurelian II: 786 AD-811 AD

Claudius Nima: 811 AD-819 AD

Cato: 819 AD-821 AD

Cnaeus I: 821 AD-850 AD

Cnaeus II: 850-871 AD

Leonidas: 871 AD-872 AD

Tiberius III: 872 AD-875 AD

Normaero (The Attar): 875 AD-876 AD

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