Democratic Empire of Vinland
Lýðræðislega Keisaradæmi af Vínlandi
Timeline: Rule Vinlandia

OTL equivalent: Canada, USA, Greenland
Vinland flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Onwards to victory (Vinnish)

Anthem "To Valhallla"
Capital Vinholm
Largest city Vinholm
Other cities Brossa, Ullheim, Serken, Vahring
  others Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian, Iroquois, Inuit, Massanan
Religion Odinism
Demonym Vinnish, Vinlandese, Vinlandian, Vinlandic
Government Constitutional Monarchy
King Karl XXI
  Royal House: Eriksson
President Eric Johanneson
title of chief of government Eric Johanneson
Area area km²
Population 286,434,550 (2012 Census) 
Independence from Norway
  declared 3 September 1007
Currency Vinir

By Dragonvale 11


This is a world where Leif Eriksson, the famous viking explorer, did not abandon Vinland, but kept to it, and started a colony. By doing so, it changed the course of history forever. See Kings of Vinland for a list of the country's rulers.


(Note: For some reason the links to the countries do not work, so to go to their pages just go to the categories bar under 'Rule Vinlandia and they should still be there.)

Iroquois Republic

Confederation of Nunavut and Kalaliland

Republic of Bahama

Haitha Socialist State


British Louisiana Company

Aztec Republic

Navajo Republic

Sant Mexico

Chihuahua Republic

Confederation of the Maya

Russian Federation

British Alaska Company



Vinlandia 2015

The Vinlandian Empire consists the majority of North America. The geography of the Vinlandian Empire is extremely varied. The Ulluheim mountain range (OTL Appalachian Mountains) stretch across a large area of Middle Vinland. The highest mountain in the Ulluheim mountain range is Mount Esilfojur (Right) which is 4074 Thi'rmarks (Vinnish Measurment : 2 x English metres)

(Right) The North American Continent as of Feb 2015. Dark Green is Vinlandia, Light Green is the Iroquois Republic, Dull Green is the rebel unrecognized Socialist state of Haitha, Orange is the Navajo Republic, Light Blue is Texacaniquia (France), Pink is Great Britain, Red is the Republic of Norway, Dull Blue is the Russian Federation, Mint Green is the Aztec Republic, Burgundy is the Chihuahua Democratic Republic, Yellow is the San Mexico Republic, Dark Blue is the Confederation of the Maya, Pale purple is part of the Bahamian Republic and Purple is the Confederation of Kalaliland and Nunavut.

There have been many explorers in Vinland which have contributed to Vinland's cultural heritage, with one of the most famous ones being Karl Leif Marksson (real name Brodga Fodir)



(For LIVE timeline, see LIVE Timeline page)

1000-Leif Erikson discovers Vinland. Sets up the colony of Vinholm (OTL L'anse Aux Meadows) and it grows quickly.

1004-Leif Erikson, who's colony belongs to the Kingdom of Norway, grows increasingly worried of the Christianization of Norway, and because he is an Odinist, he declares Vinholm to be an Odinist Colony for Odinist followers. This angers Harold I of Norway, because he is a Christian.

1007-Leif's hatred for Norway culminates, and he and his fellow Settlers declare independence from the christian kingdom of Norway, and Found the Odinist Kingdom of Vinland. Harold I gives an ultimatum for the kingdom of Vinland to submit and return to Norwegian rule by January 1008 or the Norwegian Navy will come to destroy the colony.

1008-The Ultimatum passes, and the Norwegian Navy arrives at Vinland. However, determined Vinnish settlers build their own naval force, which defeats the poorly-equipped Norwegian navy at the battle of Vinholm Bay. The Vinnish Navy defeats and destroys them again when they try to flee. on the 8th of August 1008, Norway recognizes their independence as an Odinist Country.


1010s-1030s-Vinnish Explorers colonize and annex the rest of Vinland (OTL Newfoundland) and begin to settle in Markland (OTL Labrador). They found new cities such as Brossa, Eyjavik and Serken.

1034-A secret cult develops in the cities of Eyjavik and Serken, called Odinaism. It was a mixture of Odinaism and Christianity, but its practices were barbaric. They included Witchcraft, Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism.

1038-By now, 70 percent of the population of the southern areas of Eyjavik and Serken now follow, support or get involved with the Odinist cult. A religious divide then occurs, with Odinaisim in the South and Odinism in the north.

1042-Tensions rise between Odinists and Odinaists. The town of Brossa is founded in lower Markland.

1045-Leif Eriksson dies, aged 76. Karl I, Leif's eldest son, becomes king. Tension rise further still.

1047-The national parliament/assembly of Vinland, known as the Vaathing, after it's founder Ingolfur Vaas, declares that the Odinaists of the south are planning to attack and wipe out the Odinists. However, few people take heed of this proclamation.

March, 1048-Karl I kidnapped and killed by Odinaists loyal to tyrant lord Arik'Ban Vogul, 'leader' of the Odinaist Cult. Karl I is quickly replaced by Leif Eriksson's second son, Markuss I. A civil war is declared in Vinland, with Odinaist supporters in the south, and Odinist supporter in the north. The Vinnish Civil War starts.

1048-1055-Vinnish Civil war rages. Norway helps in the end, in exchange for money. Norway is rewarded Upper Markland for their military aid.

1057-Odinaist leader Arik'Ban Vogul is caught trying to board a boat to Anglo-Saxon England, as is killed. The few supporters of Odinaism flee Vinland and escape to the East Coast, known the Vinnish as Ulluland.

1061-Markuss I dies, and is replaced by Leif II, his only son.

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