I have a rough idea of what my timeline is going to be about, but don't have the time right now to much. (Except maybe a couple pages here and there). So, the main points of this timeline are:

  • Britain subdues the first American war of independence, but the second time around are defeated.
  • Because of this, the British public are far more bitter, and look for a chance to redeem their Imperial image. Not much changes (Apart from Britain's colonial holdings are a little larger in Africa and South America than in our time line) until 1845, when the Global economy goes haywire. Britain becomes a little more unstable, and many people look to the new theoretical Government style: Communism. Revolts do not take off in the Isles themselves, nor in Australia or New Zealand. Communist Rebels do however, after many bloody battles, take control of Canada and India.
  • This is the beginning of the British Civil War. The Communist side is backed by a coalition of enemies of the British Monarchy. (USA, France, Spain.) This goes far enough that the French actually give the British Communist Army (BCA) bases in France. The BCA manages to seed rebels in Britain through Australia, and one year after the Canadian and Indian Revolutions, violent rebellions take place in the heart of London and Edinburgh. The unstable British Army is incapable of stopping the revolts, and before long the BCA rolls in the country-side.
  • The royal-family is taken to Portugal, as the ship headed for the British crown colony of South Africa (The last bastion of Monarchial Britain) is destroyed. The following month similar rebellions take place in South Africa and other British outposts in Africa, and the far east. Thus begins the age of the British Communist Republic.
  • Embittered after their fall from power, the British leaders spur the public on with promises of a "World Spanning Empire" under Britain, to mobilise the populus. They master mind a new type of Government; "Imperial Communism." 20 years later, Britain has surged to top spot again.

More to come, but remember I will flesh this out fully later on. Please give me some feed back!

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