Foundation of the Royal Family of Cleveland

It was decided during a vote by the temporary parliament in 1992 that the area should have a head of state that links back to the historical England, by chance Princess Anne was visiting the area at the time of the attack to open a disabled riding facility and was stranded along with her young daughter Zara.

The national anthem of Cleveland remained God Save the Queen. However, the words were altered to the Willam Hickinson words:

  • God bless our native land!
  • May heaven's protecting hand
  • Still guard our shore:
  • May peace her power extend,
  • Foe be transformed to friend,
  • And Cleveland's rights depend
  • On war no more.

  • O Lord, our monarch bless
  • With strength and righteousness:
  • Long may she reign:
  • Her heart inspire and move
  • With wisdom from above;
  • And in a nation's love
  • Her throne maintain

  • May just and righteous laws
  • Uphold the public cause,
  • And bless our isle:
  • Home of the brave and free,
  • Thou land of liberty,
  • We pray that still on thee
  • Kind heaven may smile.

  • Nor on this land alone,
  • But be God's mercies known
  • From shore to shore:
  • Lord make the nations see
  • That men should brothers be,
  • And form one family
  • The wide world o'er

History of Queen Anne II of Cleveland - formally Princess Anne of the United Kingdom pre DD

Princess anne

Anne was born at Clarence House on 15 August 1950, the second child and first daughter of then Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh, and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and second grandchild of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Baptised in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace on 21 October 1950, by the Archbishop of York, Cyril Garbett, On 22 October 1948, George VI issued a letters patent granting honours to any children of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip; otherwise, Anne would merely have been titled by courtesy as Lady Anne Mountbatten.

On 14 November 1973, Princess Anne married Mark Phillips, then a Lieutenant in the 1st Queen's Dragoon Guards, at Westminster Abbey, in a ceremony that was televised around the world, with an estimated audience of 100 million.

Kidnapping attempt

As Princess Anne and Mark Phillips were returning to Buckingham Palace on 20 March 1974, from a charity event on Pall Mall, their limousine was forced to stop by a Ford Escort. The driver of the Escort, Ian Ball, jumped out and began firing a gun. Inspector James Beaton, the Princess's personal police officer, responded by exiting the limousine in order to shield the Princess and try to disarm Ball. Beaton was shot by the assailant, as was Anne's chauffeur, Alex Callender, when he tried to disarm Ball. Brian McConnell, a passerby, also intervened, and was shot in the chest.

Ball then directed Anne to get out of the car, to which she replied: Not bloody likely!, and briefly considered hitting Ball. Eventually, she dived out the other side of the limousine and another passing pedestrian, Ron Russell, punched Ball in the back of the head and then led Anne away from the scene. At that point, Police Constable Michael Hills happened upon the situation; he too was shot by Ball, but not before he called for police backup. Detective Constable Peter Edmonds, who had been nearby, answered and gave chase, finally arresting Ball.


Anne has always shown a keen interest in horses and equine pursuits. At the age of 21, the Princess won the individual title at the European Eventing Championship, and was voted the BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1971. For more than five years she also competed with the British eventing team, winning a silver medal in both individual and team disciplines in the 1975 European Eventing Championship, riding the home-bred Doublet. The following year Anne participated in the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal as a member of the British team, riding the Queen's horse, Good will.


  • Peter Mark Andrew Phillips, Born 15th November 1977 - assumed dead
  • Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips, Born 15th May 1981, after Anne's abdication now Queen Zara

In 2002 Queen Anne II married local man James Michael Monroe,(born 17th November 1949)

In 2004 Queen Anne II and Prince Consort James adopt three children:

  • Prince Martin James Monroe, born 1996,
  • Prince Jordan Phillip Monroe, born 1999,
  • Princess Michala Laura Monroe, born 2001.

All three adopted children are in line to the throne.

Coronation of Queen Anne

The coronation of Queen Anne II took place at Gisborough Abbey on the 15th August 1997 (on her 47th birthday), the crown was made of gold donated by the people of Cleveland.

The new Queen decided to call herself Anne II and not just Queen Anne to show continuity between the pre-DD Monarchy and the new Monarchy (there had already been a Queen Anne 1702-1714), for the same reason the royal family name remained Windsor

In 2002 Queen Anne II married local man James Monroe in the ruins of Gisborough Abbey. The heir to the Crown, Princess Zara was one of the bridesmaids.

In 2004 Queen Anne II and Prince Consort James adopt three children, Prince Martin aged 8, Prince Jordan aged 5 and Princess Michala aged 3. All three adopted children are in line to the throne, and if Crown Princess Zara dies before producing heirs then the Throne of Cleveland will pass to Prince Martin.

Unification of the crowns

On the 22nd April 2007 it is announced that Crown Princess Zara of Cleveland is dating the Crown Prince of Northumbria, George Dominic Percy.

Crown prince George Crown princess Zara

On the 5th August 2008 it is announced that Crown Princess Zara of Cleveland was engaged the Crown Prince of Northumbria, George Dominic Percy.

The wedding date was set for 4th November 2009. Princess Michala was a flower girl, Prince Jordan was a page boy, Prince Max Percy (Crown Prince George's younger brother) was best man.

The wedding took place at Richmond Castle.

This wedding and any children issuing from the marriage will unite the Kingdoms of Northumbria and Cleveland. It has been announced that the primogenitor rule (male children having right of rule over older female siblings) has been abolished and the eldest child (no matter what sex) will rule both the kingdom of Northumbria and Cleveland.

Upon the accession of the then Queen Zara and King George to their respective thrones the kingdoms will unite under the name United Kingdoms of Northumbria and Cleveland or the UKNC.

Upon the accession of the first child of Zara and George to both thrones (Prince Michael James George Percy, Duke of York, Earl of Richmond), the kingdoms will become the Kingdom of Albion.

The name of Albion was chosen as it is the name that was originally given to the former British Isles. Pliny the Elder, in his Natural History says "It was itself named Albion, while all the islands about which we shall soon briefly speak were called the Britanniae."

On New Years Day 2010 it was announced from the Royal Palace at Wynyard that the Crown Princess Zara and her husband Crown Prince George are expecting their first child, it is expected to be born mid August.

15th May 2010 it was announced from the Royal Palace at Wynyard that the Princess Regent Zara is expecting identical twin boys.

9th August 2010, as 4.13am Princess Regent Zara, accompanied by Crown Prince George attended James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough. At 4.42pm Princess Regent Zara gave birth to a baby boy (weighing 5 pounds 6 ounces) called Michael James George Percy and at 4.57pm she gave birth to another baby boy (5 pounds 2 ounces) named Edward Henry John Percy. Both boys are healthy.

Preparations are underway for Queen Anne's 60th birthday on the 15th August, although she is still badly incapacitated due to the brain injury she incurred in April it is thought that she will be attending the national celebrations in the centre of Middlesbrough.

15th August 2010 - Although the Queen is in bad health she still insisted that she took part in the celebrations, a 45 gun salute was fired from the royal park at Wynyard and a 25 gun salute was fired from naval vessels off the coast of Cleveland, a military parade followed by a parade of civilian groups past the royal party which with great surprise included the Princess Regent Zara and the two newborn princes.

The Queen gave a short speech thanking the people of her country for showing her so much support during the past few months. After the Queen gave her speech the Queen and the Princess Regent formally introduce the Royal Princes to the crowds and announce that the Princes have been given their royal titles.

  • Prince Michael will become the Duke of York and Earl of Richmond and will be known as Prince Michael of York.
  • Prince Edward will become the Earl of Durham and Marquess of Raby and be known as Prince Edward of Durham.

Queen Anne II accident

17th April 2010 at roughly 1pm, Queen Anne II suffers a fall from her horse whilst riding in the Eston Hills.

Originally transferred to James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough it is ascertained that she has suffered a major head injury and has bleeding on the brain, this is beyond the medical capabilities of the Cleveland Hospital Service.

A radio call is placed to the Celtic Alliance asking for assistance. They decide to send an air ambulance helicopter to recover the Queen and take her to St James's hospital in Dublin which is a more advanced hospital.

The helicopter arrives at 8pm and takes off at 8.15pm heading west.

At 9.45pm the helicopter sends out a mayday call saying it is having engine difficulties and is having to make an emergency landing. After that mayday call all contact with the air ambulance helicopter is lost.

In the early morning of the 18th April radio contact from the Rheged Co-operative in Keswick, they describe a burning fell side to the east of the town, mountain rescue teams head to the area and arrive just after dawn on the 18th they find the air ambulance crash site, amazingly there are survivors, the co-pilot, main paramedic and Queen Anne II have survived the crash however the queen is in serious condition.

All survivors are evacuated to Keswick. Once in Keswick the Queen's health begins to deteriorate quickly, local historian John McDowell gives a possible idea to the local doctor, trepanation. Seeing that this is the only option a temporary operating theatre is set up in the Moot Hall in the centre of the town. The operation begins at 12.30pm on the 18th April, it takes two hours to do the operation which is decided it has been a limited success and by 6pm the Queen is showing signs of regaining consciousness.

By the morning of the 19th April Queen Anne II has regained consciousness. However, it is obvious that some damage has occurred to the Queen's brain as she is paralyzed down her left side and is having major problems with her short term memory retention.

It is decided to evacuate the Queen to St James's hospital in Dublin where she was originally heading. Queen Anne II is loaded onto another air ambulance helicopter on the 20th of April. It lands in Dublin at 3pm.

Scans of the Queen brain on the morning of the 21st show that the bleed has stopped, and the trepanation saved her life, however the delay in treatment has caused some permanent brain damage.

Prime Minster Ray Mallon arrives at her bedside on the night of the 21st along with Crown Princess Zara and Queen Anne's Husband Prince consort James.

After discussions between the Queen, Prime Minster and Crown Princess it is decided to transfer the Queen's responsibilities to the Crown Princess until a point where they can be transferred back or kept permanently by the Crown Princess. This is announced in the Kingdom of Cleveland at 5pm on the 22nd April. From the 23rd April Crown Princess Zara becomes the Crown Regent Zara.

An investigation by a joint Celtic Alliance/Cleveland task force discovers that a volcano in southern Iceland had erupted and the crash was caused by the engine of the helicopter becoming clogged with glass formed from ash taken in and melted on the engine parts.

Due to her injuries and ongoing ill health Queen Anne II abdicated in favour of the her daughter Zara on the 31st December 2010. Zara will be crowned Queen Zara in mid January 2011.

Queen Zara, 2011 to Present

born Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips (15th May 1981) ascended throne 1st January 2011.

15th August 1997 - Zara Phillips crowned as the Crown Princess, heir to the throne of Cleveland.

4th November 2009 - Crown Princess Zara marries Crown Prince George of Northumbria and becomes Zara Anne Elizabeth Percy

22nd April 2010 - After Queen Anne II suffers a brain injury royal duties transferred to the Crown Princess making her the Princess Regent.

9th August 2010 - Princess Regent Zara gives birth to twin boys. Prince Michael James George Percy and Prince Edward Henry John Percy

Upon the accession of Prince Michael to the throne he will reign over the unified countries of Cleveland and Northumbria under the name of the Kingdom of Albion.

1st January 2011 - ascends to the throne as Queen Zara. The royal family of the Kingdom of Cleveland changes from Windsor to Percy

21st March 2012 - The Royal House of Percy announces Queen Zara's pregnancy with a baby girl, due to be born late July 2012.

29th July 2012 - The Royal house of Percy is happy to announce that at 8.29 am Queen Zara gave birth to a healthy baby girl weighing 8 lbs 3 oz. She is to be named Victoria Isabelle Anne Elizabeth Percy.

Lines of Succession

Current list of accession

Children of Queen Zara

1. Prince Michael James George Percy, Duke of York - Known as Prince Michael of York (born 2010)

2. Prince Edward Henry John Percy, Duke of Durham - Known as Prince Edward of Durham (born 2010)

3. Princess Victoria Isabelle Anne Elizabeth Percy (born 2012),

Children of Queen Anne II

4. Prince Martin James Monroe-Windsor (born 1996), Earl of Ripon - Known as Prince James of Ripon.

5. Prince Jordan Phillip Monroe-Windsor (born 1999) Earl of Stockton - Known as Prince Phillip of Stockton.

6. Princess Michala Laura Monroe-Windsor (born 2001) Countess of Richmond - Known as Princess Michala of Richmond.

Due to legislation passed in 2009 (after the marriage of Princess Zara to George Percy) the succession list then switches to royal line of the Kings of Northumbria.

7. King George of Northumbria (born Ralph George Algernon Percy, November 1956)

Children of King George of Northumbria

8. Crown Prince George Dominic Percy (born 1984), given the title of Earl of Cumberland in 2010.

9. Princess Melissa Jane Percy (born 1987), given the title of Duchess of Carlisle in 2010.

10. Prince Max Ralph Percy (born 1990), given the title of Duke of Hexham in 2010.

Royal Families outside the Royal House of Percy

At this point the royal succession will switch to the royal house of Windsor based in New Britain

  • King Andrew of New Britain (born 1960), and then any descendants or named heirs.

At this point the royal line transfers to the royal house of Newolland

  • Queen Linda of Newolland, and then any descendants or named heirs.

At this point the royal line of succession transfers to the royal house of Norway

  • King Harald V (born 1937) and then any descendants or named heirs.

At this point the royal line of succession transfers to the royal house of Romania

  • King Michael I (born 1921) and then any descendant or named heirs

At this point the royal line of succession transfers to the Royal house of Prussia.

  • King Georg (born 1976) and then any descendants or named heirs.

At this point the royal line of accession transfers to the royal house of Sweden.

  • Carl XVI Gustaf (born 1946) and then any descendants or named heirs.

At this point the royal line of succession transfers to the royal house of Denmark

  • Queen Margrethe II (born 1940) and then any descendants or named heirs.

At this point the royal line of succession transfers to the royal house of the Netherlands

  • Queen Juliana II (born 1981) and then any descendants or named heirs.

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