Royal Palace Guards of North Syria
حرس القصر الملكي
Coat of arms of the Egyptian Kingdom
The emblem of the palace guards
Active 2010–present
Country Flag of Syria (1932-1958; 1961-1963) North Syria
Type Ground Army
Role Protection of royal family, guarding historical artifacts, protecting the Royal Complex
Size Active personnel: 1,535
Reserve: 1,563
Nickname "The Janissary"
King Fahad
The Royal Palace Guards (Arabic: حرس القصر الملكي, French: Gardes Régalien Palais, Turkish: Kraliyet Sarayı Muhafızlar) are a branch of the North Syrian Armed Forces, tasked specifically with providing armed protection services for the royal family, as well as the Royal Complex.

Most the modern-day Royal Palace Guards, and its principles and tasks are descended from the historical Ottoman janissaries. In fact, the branch was originally to be named the "North Syrian Royal Janissaries" (Arabic: الإنكشارية الملكي, Turkish: Kraliyet Yeniçeriler). The Royal Palace Guards often work hand-in-hand with local law enforcement, the Royal National Police (not a branch of the armed forces) and other branches of the armed forces to not only protect the royal family, but also to safeguard important historical artifacts and museums.

Most of the Royal Palace Guards are active and remain in Aleppo, where the branch's main headquarters are located, and is currently a component of the North Syrian Department of the Army, however it is directly under the control of the King himself, and each battalion is controlled by a prince making it a special branch. They also accompany the royal family everywhere they go around the nation, and guard all of their properties throughout the country.


The emblem of the Royal Palace Guards is identical to that of the Kingdom of Egypt under Turkish-speaking rule, however, the two emblems are not in any way, related. The emblem of the Royal Palace Guards consists of three green flags, bearing crescent moons and three stars. 

The crescent moons themselves represent Islam, and the three stars on the flags represent the three Abrahamic faiths, Islam, Christianity and Judaism to symbolize the "People of the Book" according to Islam. The middle flag is surrounded by a gold ring, to represent the "golden glory" against injustice. The golden ring is adorned with 16 diamonds, representing the 16 original princes, sons of King Fahad I, that found and currently rule the Kingdom of North Syria. Each prince rules a certain unit and branch of the Royal Palace Guards.

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