The Royal National Police (Arabic: الشرطة الوطنية الملكية, French: Gendarmerie royale nationale, Turkish: Kraliyet Ulusal Polis) or the RNP in short, is North Syria's national law enforcement group. The RNP provides the Kingdom with most of its law enforcement, with a branch operating in every city and governorate.

The RNP also controls, endorses and oversees local law enforcement groups, as required by the Peaceful Citizens Act, in which forbids independent local law enforcement groups without government or RNP-approval which can be counted as militancy.

The RNP is currently lead by Crown Prince Bilal bin Khaled Abdul-Issam, King Fahad's younger brother. He and the King often share control of the RNP. Organizations running within the RNP include the Center for Criminal Investigation, Firearms and Projectiles Department and the Public Violence Prevention Center. 


he RNP "officially" started as the National Bureau of North Syria's Homeland Defenses and Security, or the NSHDS leaving the "NB" for "National Bureau" to lessen the difficulty. Fahad Abdul-Issam had already pre-planned the creation of a national police force prior to North Syria's independence from the Syrian Arab Republic in 2011. He also planned to place is younger brother, Bilal was the leader.

During North Syria's independence war against the Syrian Arab Republic, King Fahad divided his the North Syrian Coalition into two main groups. The first group, known as the North Syrian Free Army carried out operations, offensives and battles. The other group, the North Syrian Patrol Group, lived up to its name. Members of that group stayed in towns, cities and communities as an armed patrol militia. They carried out police-like tasks, fought criminals, guarded schools and even gave citizens of their communities numbers that they could call. They also handled suspicious activity towards anybody that could be collaborating with the Syrian government. This group is what eventually would become the Royal National Police.

When the Kingdom of North Syria gained independence from the Syrian Arab Republic, King Fahad took the remaining active personnel of the North Syrian Free Army, turning it into the North Syrian Armed Forces and of the patrol militia to become part of a national police force. Abdul-Issam eventually named it the National Bureau of North Syria's Homeland Defenses and Security.

Afterwards, a Center for Criminal Investigation was created for members of the patrol militia with investigative skills.

After the Peaceful Citizens Act was passed, the NSHDS received training from members of the U.S. Army, as part of their training. That led to the creation of the Firearms and Projectiles Department.

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