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History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian

Ante Ætas Briani

Family Tree of the Great Eastern Empire of Antony and Cleopatra.

         |                  |                                    |
      Cæsarion     |--------+------------|                 |-----+--------|
                   |        |            |                 |           Antonius
                   |      Selene         |                 |
      Arzu--x--Alexander                 |               Antyllus----\----Asta
     (Media)                             |                           |  (Greece)
                     Lia--------\---Philadelphos                     |
                 (Cappadocia)   |                                Ptolemais

\=marriage ended by death of one or more members
x=marriage ended by divorce

Marcus Antyllus

Marcus Antonius Antyllus was born in 706(-47) on the third of the month of Mars.

Action Year Aged
Joined Antonius and Cleopatra 717(-36) 11
Made Prince of Eastern Empire by Antonius 723(-30) 17
Became a royal general of the EE 726(-27) 20
Married into Greek aristocrat family (Eudoxia Asta) 736(-17) 30
Daughter Marca Antonia Sostrate Ptolemais born 740(-13) 34
Death at sea in battle around Cyprus 746(-7) 40


Ptolemy XV Philopator Philometor Caesar was born in 706(-47) on the twenty-third of Junius.

Action Year Aged
Made King of Kings of Egypt by Antonius 719(-34) 13
Assumed joint rule of Egypt with Cleopatra and Antonius 723(-30) 17
Defeated in battle by Carico and Octavian and captured, later committing suicide in October 754(1) 48

Ptolemy Philadelphos

Ptolemy Philadelphos was born 717(-36) on the twenty-fourth of Sextilus.

Action Year Aged
Made king of Syria and Cilicia by Antonius 719(-34) 2
Assumed position of king 734(-19) 17
Married into Cappadocia’s royal house (Lia) 738(-15) 21
Daughter Cleopatra Antonia Ptolemais born 747(-6) 30
Captured by Carico in Syria 753(0) 36
Paraded in Octavian's Triumph and killed 754(1) 37

Alexander Helios

Alexander Helios was born in 713(-40) on the twenty-fifth of December.

Action Year Aged
Made king of Armenia, Media and Parthia 719(-34) 6
Failed invasion of Parthia by Antonius and company 722(-31) 9
Failed invasion of Parthia by Alexander, Antonius, and company; final peace made with Parthia 731(-22) 18
Married into Median royal house (Arzu); Media not willing to be in personal union with EE 732(-21) 19
Arzu abandoned Alexander to preserve her country’s existence 750(-3) 37
Killed by Carico in battle in Syria 754(1) 41

Cleopatra Selene II

Cleopatra Selene II was born 713(-40) on the twenty-fifth of December.

Action Year Aged
Made queen of Cyrenaica and Libya 719(-34) 6
Libya forfeited as EE territory in peace with Octavian 722(-31) 9
Assumed position as queen of Cyrenaica 730(-23) 17
Defeat of last Eastern armies in Cyrenaica and capture of Selene; Paraded in Triumph and killed 756(3) 43

Marca Ptolemais

Marca Antonia Sostrate Ptolemais was born to Antyllus and Eudoxia in 740(-13) on the eighteenth of October.

Action Year Aged
Captured in Thrace by officials; incorporated into Octavian's family, awaiting Triumph 745(-8) 5
Paraded in Octavian's triumph 754(1) 14
Continued life under Octavian

Cleopatra Antonia Ptolemais

Cleopatra Antonia Ptolemais was born to Philadelphos and Lia in 747(-6) on the third of November.

Action Year Aged
Raised in Armenia until 753(0) 6
Given in trust to Median court secretly for safety; then disappearing from history, perhaps renamed 753(0) 6

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