Capital of the United Royal Provinces, the URP Royal Domain exists as a self-governing entity under the direct rule of the King (although the day-to-day business is left to civil servants). It is located at the border of the Canadian and Great-Lake provinces on a small territory (dubbed "The Royal Domain") that was separated from both.

The king had originaly resided in Quebec before moving to a custom built palace in Trois-Rivières. The move was made to differenciate between the government of the URP and that of the province of canada. Because of perceived preferential treatement toward the province however, the King's home was moved again in the late 19th century to its current location.

Many URP organisations have, over the years, moved their offices to the Domain to benefit from both the prestige and the tax-exemption they receive. This growth in population (now close to half a milion) has lead to some demand for a estate-general of their own.

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