The Royal Flag of the Kingdom of America.

The point of divergence occurs during the creation of the U.S. Constitution. After witnessing the failure of the Articles of Confederation, George Washington and his allies John Jay and John Adams abandoned the attempt at abandoned the attempt at a pure Republic and opted to create a constitutional monarchy. On July 4, 1789, George Washington became the first King of the Royal States of America (RSA).


The Constitution fo the Royal States of America involves a three-branch government: The Monarchy, the Legislature, and the Judiciary.

  • The Monarchy: Ever since Continental Congress appointed George Washington as the first King, each King has chosen his successor within the dynasty. Unlike in European countries, where the line of succession typically goes to the eldest son, this tradition is sometimes but not always practiced in the American Monarcy. The King has the power to veto Congress, although his veto may be overriden with a 60 percent majority. The King also has the power to appoint governors, and elevate distinguished members of society to Knighthood. If at any time the King seems to be governing badly, there is a fairly speedy process by which the Congress can remove him from office. If they meet a 70 percent majority in both houses, then the King must resign within the week or face criminal charges.
  • The Legislature: The Legislature is divided into two chambers: The Knightly Senate, or "High Senate" and the Citizen Senate, or "Low Senate". To run for office in the Knightly Senate, one must first be knighted by the King. The Knightly Senate has 3 members from each state. The Citizen Senate is open to all with citizenship rights, and contains members from each state proportional to the state's population. Elections are held every year. In the Citizen Senate, they have 1-year terms. In the Knightly Senate, they have 3-year terms which are staggered so that someone is always in re-election.
  • The Judiciary: The Royal Court heads the American Judiciary. Members of the Royal Court must be Knights, they must be appointed by the King, and approved by the Knightly Senate.

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