The Principality of Roxolania
— Free Kingdom of The Cimbrian Alliance
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus
Northern flag japan ring
Flag of Roxland
Principality of Roxolania
Location of Roxland
(and largest city)
Roxolon (Novyi Buh)
Roxolanian (Rosisch)
  others Cimbrian (Cimbrisch)
Religion Norse Polytheism
Ethnic groups
  others Costoboci, Carpi

A Short History of Roxolania

Roxolania was established by the most prominent man among the collections of their community. This young revolutionary became Prince Roxanov and he encouraged the similar tribes around him to set up what became know as the Principle Block, made of also Costobocia and Carpia. The Roxolani were the most prominent of these three groups but they were also the closest to one of the important sea routes of the Pontus Euxenos in Latin, known in the Cimbrian language as Svarthavet, and corresponding to the OTL Black Sea. They fought to try to take a place on the shores of the Svarthavet but were unable to before the end of the War and the Roxolani were ordered to cease. There were no Dukes among the Roxolani and the government was made up of the Prince and the leaders of communities, this made the legislature which was led by the Prince much larger and numerous than the courts of the Kings in other Kingdoms. A similar style of government was made in the rest of the Principle Bloc.

A List of Princes of Roxolania

Prince Roxanov 1220 (467- AD)


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