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The general on the scene, Walther Von Fritsch, decides that the best defense would be a good offense and orders an attack on the remaining Nazi forces. Himmler expected this and has set up defensive lines, but the Weimar forces have had experience breaking through those sort of things.

The Weimar army launches their assault in the early morning, and crash into the lines with a fury, overwhelming the sleepy Nazi militias, and breaking through in numerous points. The Nazis start falling back as their fear gets the best of them. The front is in almost total rout, with many prisoners being taken. Himmler realizes that he has lost and flees from the Nazi base to the countryside, where he begins the long journey to Argentina, by way of Denmark and Norway. With Himmler gone, the remaining Nazi forces collapse, and nearly all of them surrender.

With the end of the civil war, the army that had been put together was disbanded again. People returned to their jobs, and the economic upturn that had been caused by the war continued. The Germans started to pay their reparations to France again. The end of the depression in Germany started to lift up the other European economies, and all the nations of Europe started to recover from the economic downturn. Even the United States, far away in America, started to recover, although it was slow and steady.

Little did they know that fire was stirring in the winds and the flames of war started to stir again. The Weimar Civil War was merely a prelude of what was to come ...

Soviet invasion of Europe

Return of Himmler

Collapse of the old alliances creating a power imbalance in Europe

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