USA Kingdom

18th Century

  • October 1781 American victory at Yorktown
  • October 1783 Treaty of The Hague ends the war and recognizes the independence of the United States.
  • 1788 The "King's Constitution" ratified by majority of states.
  • April 15, 1789 James Maria Robert Stuart is crowned James I, King of the United States of America.

19th Century

  • December 14, 1800 James I dies-succeeded by his son Alexander.
  • 1801 A son, James, is born to King Alexander. Aaron Burr new Chief Minister.
  • 1806 United States declares war on France. U.S. forces quickly occupy Louisiana (from this point a permanent part of the United States).
  • 1807 U.S. forces defeated by the ex-slave government in the former French colony of Haiti. Haiti established as the second independent nation in the Western Hemisphere.
  • 1809 Mexico declares independence from Spain. Burr's plot to seize Mexico for the U.S. in uncovered. Burr imprisoned. The king's brother-in-law, James Madison, takes over as Chief Minister.
  • 1810 Henry Clay begins his first term as Chief Minister.
  • 1812 U.S. joins the coalition against Emperor Napoleon of France. American troops fight in Europe.
  • 1817 Henry Clay again becomes Chief Minister.
  • 1819 Adams last tenure as Chief Minister. Clay is again Chief Minister at years end.
  • 1825 Henry Harrison succeeds Clay as Chief Minister.
  • 1826 Andrew Jackson becomes Chief Minister. Several southern states threaten to break away from the United States but the crisis is averted.
  • February 26, 1836 King Alexander I dies. He is succeeded by his son, King James II.
  • 1836 Henry Harrison ends Jackson's ten-year tenure as Chief Minister.
  • 1837 Texas wins independence from Mexico, seeks union with United States.
  • 1840 War with Mexico over Texas.
  • 1842 United States decisively defeats Mexico. Area from Texas to California added to U.S.
  • 1848 War is declared on Great Britain over Oregon boundary dispute. Peace is achieved before any significant battles are fought. U.S./Canadian border established by Treaty of Paris.
  • 1855 George Stuart (George I) proclaimed king of Dixie (10 breakaway southern states). War between U.S. and Dixie.
  • 1860 George I dies in battle, the war ends in U.S. victory.

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