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Roswell, 1947 (Interstellar America)

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  • A ship crashlands near the town of Roswell, New Mexico in the United States of America. The three survivors, members of the Yma species, are taken to a military base known as Area 51.
  • Many discussions between Harry Truman and the Yma result in the construction of a Spaceship to send ambassadors to the alien home world.


  • The ship USS Liberty is completed and ambassadors from the United States are sent to Yma to discuss proposed negotiations.
  • May 18th: The USS Liberty arrives at Yma and discussions for trade negotiations begin.
  • June 1st: Agreements are reached that Gold will be used to pay for information on some forms of technology and weapons.
  • July 14th: The first green car is developed by Ford utilizing Yma technology.
  • August 17th: The Great American Desert is terraformed by the United States with the help of Yma scientists.

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