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Dominion of Rossland
Timeline: The Green North
Flag of Rossland

United by History ()

(and largest city)
  others Danish, Greenlandic
Demonym Rosslandic, "Rossian"
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional republic
Prime Minister Skanderbai Ganderbai V
Population ~17,213,890 
Established 1959
Currency Pound Stiling (£)
Calling Code +28
Internet TLD .ro
Organizations United Nations, Union of Greenland,

The Dominion of Rossland, commonly referred to as Rossland and less commonly Rossia, is a nation situated mostly in southern Greenland, which lies between the Labrador Sea and the Denmark Strait, bordered by Nunaqarfik to the north with Grinella and Danish Greenland to the south.

The land that is now Rossland was inhabited for thousands of years by various groups of Inuit tribes. It wasn't until British colonialism in the late 16-17th century that British expeditions explored, and later settled, southernmost Greenland as well as the Americas. Rossland became an independent nation in 1959.


Rossland was named after John Ross, a Greenlandic explorer who is credited for exploring the land which would go on to become Rossland and New Dorset. He was commander of the British expeditions, being a Scotsman, and has left his mark on Greenland and in particular, Rossland.

He is credited for the creation of the capital, Albia.


First Explorers

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