Rossiskaya Stat
Russian State
Official language Russian/German
Capital Omsk
Leader Vlassov
State Ideology Fascist
Territories Middle Russia
Population Population
Currency Ruble

The Russian State is an ultra-rightist German puppet, initially led by Vlassov. Its capital is at Omsk, in what was eastern Russia. The German plan to annex most of Eastern Europe gradually into the Reich turned out to be totally unrealistic; riots and an inflated bureaucracy were the consequences. Therefore, the German High Command (much to the "Führer's" disdain) urged the government to leave "liberated" Russia independent. After having ceded much of its territory, including all of European Russia, the independent Russian (Social) Republic was declared, and Vlassov, leader of the Russian Liberation Army which already fought against the Red Army in the World War, made leader. In fact, the republic is a Fascist puppet state, with very repressive law; "Arbeitsdienst" (young Russians are recruited as forced labourers in German factories) is a menace that threatens the Russian population.


After the stunning successes of the German Army in 1942-43,

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