Rosalina Cantalamessa
Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

Rosalina Cantalamessa
Portrait of Rosalina Cantalamessa

3rd President of Italia
2006 – 2014

Predecessor: Rafaella Valletta
Successor: Matteo Cesare
Born: 17 October 1975 (aged 41)
Alma mater: University of Roma
House: Cantalamessa (non-royal)
Political party: Democratic Party
Religion: Hellenism
Profession: Politician
Rosalina Cantalamessa is an Italian politician who served as the 3rd President of the Republic of Italia. Cantalamessa was defeated by Matteo Cesare in the 2014 election, and now serves as a minority leader.

Cantalemessa is a former member of the House of Cantalemessa, the former Imperial House of Italia. Upon her adulthood, she denounced her family and monarchy in general, cutting all ties with those who are pretenders to aristocratic titles.

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