Despite a huge groundswell of support from many urging him to run for Governor of California, Ronald Reagan adamantly states that he will not, nor does he ever plan to, seek any kind of political office. He believes that he can serve more political influence as an actor than being a politician himself. "I forgot to leap," he jokes, in reference to the those who want him to "make the leap" into politics.


Governor Edmund (Pat) Brown narrowly defeats Democrat George Christopher to retain his Governor's seat in California.


Reagan takes a roll in the film The Valley of the Dolls as Lyon Burke, who is Anne's boyfriend in the film. Although not his normal role, because of his name recognition the film does well at the box office, #2 in earnings.


Pat Brown finally officially abolishes the death penalty in California.


Late Spring

Having read about the death penalty being abolished, Charles Manson believes this a great opportunity to advance his "helter skelter" delusion. Instead of kissing Dennis Wilson's feet, he shot him point blank in the head. Manson tells his "family" that the end is near and that Mr. Wilson was the Anti Christ. He then flees with his family to Death Valley.

Early Fall

During "chapel" at their ranch, Manson tells his family that he has been studying the new Film the Valley of the Dolls. He believes that this film is a coded message along with the Beatles song "helter skelter" to start a race war to bring Christ's kingdom to Earth.

1969, New Year's Day

Manson says that a "vision" was given to him that says the best way to start the race war would be to kill that "son of a bitch" President-elect Richard Nixon. He says that "we must find one of the actors in Valley of the Dolls" and hold him or her hostage as well, but only after successfully killing Nixon. He says that "we must not let that evil man become president".

1969, June

Manson and his family are still at large, and by now phase 1 of their plan has been completed. President Nixon is dead and Spiro T. Agnew is now President with Strom Thurmond as Vice President. Manson is pleased, but frustrated that they cannot find that "tricky satan" Ronald Reagan.

1970, February

Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme is arrested for trying to cash a counterfeit check. The police suspect that she is involved in a lot more than that, but she refuses to talk.

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