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479px-Official Portrait of President Reagan 1981

Ronald Reagan, an actor who was briefly US President in 1981 before being assassinated.

Ronald Wilson Reagan (6th February, 1911 - 30th March, 1981) was a Hollywood actor who, remarkably, became Governor of California and, briefly, a Republican president of the USA. He was assassinated less than ten weeks after being sworn in, in keeping with the pattern that every US president elected in the twentieth century decade years died in office.

His policies were of the briefly fashionable supply-side economics also pursued by Margaret Thatcher which made her so unpopular. He was assassinated by John Hinckley Jr on 30th March, 1981 and died on his way to hospital. He was replaced by his Vice-President George Bush Sr.

Given Thatcher's unpopularity and the single term of Conservative government in the UK, it is generally believed that had Reagan survived, he could have become the most unpopular president of the twentieth century. His death also appears to confirm the apparently superstitious belief that US presidents elected in a decade year always die in office. This trend continued in the 2000 election.

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