James Ronald "Ron" Howliss (September 5, 1948 - August 30, 2017) is a former American politician and lawyer, best known for serving as a United States Congressman for Iowa (1991-1994) and as the White House Chief of Staff in the Burwin administration. An aggressive politician and polarizing figure in DC and, eventually, nationally, Howliss was a major figure in during the Burwin sex scandal and its fallout, accused of authorizing punitive measures against those who leaked information and deleting thousands of emails and shredding White House documents in a coordinated cover-up. He was indicted in 1997 of obstruction of justice and convicted two years later, and unlike other participants in the cover-up did not receive a pardon or a commuting of his sentence from Burwin's successor, Stephen Martin. Howliss was paroled in 2009, two-thirds of the way through a fifteen year sentence, for good behavior.

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