Timeline: The Kalmar Union
Flag of Romonan (The Kalmar Union).svg No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Country Ohlonemark
Province Romonankus
Language Ohlonsk
Founded c. 1267
Mayor Mutsun Ichxenta
Population 835,000  

Romonan is the capital and largest city of Ohlonemark. Situated on the northern point of the Ohlone peninsula it dominates the entrance from the Roasjoinn to the Great Bay and has historically derived much of its wealth from the passage of trade in and out of the bay area.

Traditionally founded in 1267, until the arrival of Álengsk and, in time, Chinese traders in the 14th and 15th centuries both Ohlonemark and the future city remained undeveloped. It was only as trade between Leifia and the Orient, and Mexica and the Northwest began in earnest in the late 16th century that the town and its port began to grow in importance.

Alone amongst its neighbours, Ohlonemark stayed aloof from the Patwin League and its successor, Chinese Leifia. Chinese merchants, who formed about a sixth of the city's population, were thrown out of the city in 1734 after the Patwin kings were goaded by their Chinese handlers into declaring war on Ohlonemark (see the Wars of Patwin Partition). However their place was eagerly taken by other traders who arrived in dribs and drabs attracted by Ohlonemark's rapidly modernising pace and the wealth of opportunities that could be found in the city. The district of Erotazen (Europa Hill) features many fine examples of the European settler's mansions, such as Jeroni Sunyer's villa and also the largest Catholic church on the Western Leifian coast.

Romonan Palace (The Kalmar Union)

Romonan Palace, seat of the royal family of Ohlonemark

Bouyed by the growing trade the city has slowly moved up onto the hills connected by long meandering drives and short, steep railways. To protect the city and Ohlonemark from its neighbours large fortresses ring the hills and command the strait. Kalmar often keeps a portion of its Roasjoinn fleet in dock in the harbour as further deterrent. The city was however severely damaged by an earthquake and resulting fire in 1906. Even the huge pyramid marking its then southern limit was ruined, its stone soon carried away to fashion new buildings such as the parliament building and the new royal palace.

The city bounced back quickly and much to Chinese Leifia's annoyance the city has comfortably outstripped its own capital in terms of wealth and size and now it competes with Yaqannuki in Ktunaxa for the title of largest city on Leifia's west coast.

Continued rivalry with Chinese Leifia means the TransLeifian railway will not visit Romonan despite the original wishes of its backers. A grand bridge across the strait was planned though many doubted it could be completed anyway.