November 11, 1942- the Second Battle of El Alamein- General Bernard Montgomery launches a large scale attack on General Erwin Rommel near the coastal city of El Alamein. The attack results in total failure and thousands of British soldiers die.

November 15, 1942- the loss at El Alamein forces the USA to postpone Operation Torch and the landings in North Africa. The British people begin considering surrender and Rommel is promoted to Field Marshal.

December 27, 1942- Rommel pushes the British and takes over Cairo and the port of Alexandria. Montgomery flees to the Middle East.

January 5,1943- Rommel capture the Suez Canal and takes the Middle East easily.

February 2, 1943- Rommel from the south and Manstein from the east overwhelm the Soviet defenders in Stalingrad and take over the city.

April 19, 1943- The Germans approach Moscow and defeats Zhukov and takes the city. Stalin is forced to retreat to Siberia

April 25, 1943- Hitler convinces the Japanese to invade from the east and forces the remaining Soviets to fight on two fronts.

June 1, 1943- The Soviets sign a agreement that gives Germany control over Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and much of Russia in exchange of The Soviet Union remaining as it's own country and Stalin's safety.

August 12, 1943- Without Russia to worry about the Germans put all off their economy into building planes and warships to prepare for the invasion of Britain. America sends a support army to help Britain, but most of it is sunk by U-Boats.

December 18, 1943- The Luftwaffe eliminates RAF and the Royal Navy, and Hitler orders Operation Sealion to begin. The Germans capture London and Churchill flees to Canada. D-Day never happens.

February 14, 1944- The Americans develop the first atomic bomb and drop it over Berlin. Hitler, Göbbels, Göring, and Himmler are all killed. Rommel is made Führer of Germany and makes peace with America in exchange for Britain reclaiming London and all of England, but Germany remains in control of Scotland and Wales. Germany betrays Japan and Italy and with America defeats them. The Second World War has ended.

1944-2015- Germany develops its own atomic bomb and a Cold War breaks out between the two superpowers

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