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Field Marshal Rommel decides that an invasion of the USSR would prove to costly for the Wehrmacht, decided to invade England. His forces were prepared and moved to Denmark. There they would wait until they were given the order to invade the UK, but before they did that, Rommel had a few options to choose from.

Destroy the RAF and then launch an invasion

Rommel was aware of the threat that the RAF presented to his troops. One of his options was to destroy or incapacitate the RAF, whatever it took, before launching a major invasion from Denmark.

If the first stage of the plan were to succeed, his troops in Denmark would be deployed to the town of Southend-on-Sea, where the Thames river flowed from London, and from there they would advance to London.

Launch a large invasion right away

One of Rommel's aides, however, believed that if a very large invasion was launched right away, the British would have no chance and would be to surprised to avoid their defeat. The German forces were to ship out and land all over south-eastern England and then start a massive push that included tanks, planes and artillery towards London.

Deploy small units to practice sabotage and then invade

An idea surfaced that small German units could be deployed by parachute or small boats in rural areas of England, there, they'd sabotage the English war-effort and cause as much harm to their army as possible. Once the attention was centered on this saboteurs and the English Army had suffered a few heavy blows, the German forces would launch an attack that would catch the brits unprepared.

So, what does Field Marshal Erwin Rommel decide to do?

Rommel chooses to destroy the RAF first

He invades right away

He decides to use sabotage

Casquis 20:08, January 2, 2011 (UTC)

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