Rommel's Inspection:

June 5th 1944 will be remembered as the turning point in the war for the Allies. But let’s say that when Rommel came to the Atlantic Wall for an inspection back in 1943 he orders not only for every single gap to be filled, but also for the Panzer Lehr division to be brought in to train all available units, and for an extra ten divisions to be added for when the invasion will come. The Nazis are also able to keep the planted false information from screwing up troop movements and are able to keep at least 25 divisions at the coast of Normandy instead of 14 or so. These 25 divisions, along with air support are to be trained for as long as possible by the Panzer Lehr, arguably the most effective unit in the German Army.

The Inspection
Atlantice Wall Construct

Atlantic Wall, during its construction.

  • 1943- Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, Hitler’s handpicked man for the defense of France reveals his conclusion after his inspection after viewing the German defensive wall AKA the “Atlantic Wall.” He knows that the Allied invasion will be massive and beyond comprehension, to get past the wall it would have to be. Rommel orders at least an extra ten divisions to be stationed at Normandy; since Rommel believes this would be the area the Allies attacked from since the Atlantic Wall was poorly built around that area. He also believes that the Allies would bring massive air support and try and land troops behind the wall, so he orders at least 15 divisions of the Luftwaffe to be at the ready for the invasion. Hitler is convinced that the planes could be better used against the Russians, but Rommel convinces him that they would be needed if he wanted to keep France. Rommel finally chooses to fill in all known gaps along the Normandy coast, thus preventing any gaps from increasing when the Allies arrive. Upon request from one of Rommel’s top Lieutenants, he decides to train all units along the Normandy coast with the experienced Panzer Lehr division. A Luftwaffe Lehr unit is formed with ten divisions of the planes that are being sent to Normandy with five as reserve.

The Future, Changed

  • June 1st 1944- The worst weather along the French coast in 30 years hits the Allied patrol boats. The invasion is moved to the 5th.
  • June 3rd 1944- Berlin Intelligence captures British spies and they reveal that the Allied invasion is set for the 5th and it’s at Normandy, just as Rommel predicted.

Erwin Rommel, who is leaving for his wife’s birthday is surprised by the news and quickly apologizes to his wife and quickly boards a plane for Normandy while his officers contact all Normandy troops and order them ready to defend the beaches at all times in the next two days. Adolf Hitler is notified and quickly sends an additional four divisions of Panzers and another six troop divisions from Hungary.

The largest invasion in history is about to go very wrong…

The Invasion

  • June 5th 1944- General Dwight D. Eisenhower decides to go forward with the invasion, even though the weather has not improved. Over 4000 ships set sail for Normandy, not knowing the Nazis are waiting, and eager to crush them.
  • June 5th 1944 7:30 am- The Allies arrive late to Normandy due to a navigation error, and German planes spot the Allied fleet approaching Normandy, the planes radio back to the Normandy HQ and notify Rommel that the Allies are approaching with 4000+ ships. Rommel knew that the Allies would send in ships, but that was basically the entire American and British fleets. Multiple plane divisions are also spotted, and they are guessed as landing craft for troops behind the Atlantic Wall. Rommel orders all AA guns to be at the ready, and for the Luftwaffe to begin takeoff, and for the Luftwaffe and Panzer Lehr troops to be at the ready for his command. The largest sea born invasion is about to begin.
  • June 5th 1944 10:00 am- The Allied fleet arrives with guns blazing and they are all targeted at the Atlantic Wall. Hundreds of Higgins boats with about 30 troops in each begin approaching the coast, and Rommel orders five Luftwaffe Lehr divisions to attack the Higgins boats, and the other five to attack Carrier ships.
  • June 5th 1944 3:00 pm- The Allies are losing troops faster than they can send them out, and only about 1/10 of the Higgins boats have made it ashore, only for the troops to be destroyed by the MG42 nests. Most of the troops by plane however, have made it behind the wall, and are now making their advance into French territory, but little do they know that over 20 divisions trained by the Panzer Lehr are waiting.
  • June 5th 1944 3:46 pm- Radio broadcasts start pouring in that the Germans were waiting with multiple Panzer divisions, and they are wiping out all units that were dropped behind the main German line.

General Eisenhower is notified of the advanced German defenses and he must make a life changing decision, either sacrifice more troops and hope to break through or he can withdraw all units and save hundreds of thousands of lives.

The Aftermath

Eisenhower makes the decision to withdraw all troops and return to Britain. Rommel is informed that the Allies are retreating and he gives the orders to send out all of the Luftwaffe, and destroy all the ships they can. The remaining five Luftwaffe divisions are sent out and harass the Allies until they begin to run out of fuel. They return to a hero’s welcome, the Nazis have successfully defended against the largest invasion in history, and they could not be any happier. Hitler is ecstatic as well, not only does this put him a very good mood, but the Russian Front has received the news as well. The Nazis are pushing the Russians back farther and farther, while the Russians having received news of the Allied defeat are slowly crumbling against the unrelenting Nazis. Stalin is infuriated that the Allies lost, and starts to see them as useless to him so he orders the execution of the American and British ambassadors.

  • June 6th 1944- The Allies are crushed that they were defeated at Normandy and they have lost a good deal of ships and troops. Over 2750 ships were lost and over 400,000 men. On top of all that, the Allies have received news of Stalin’s killings of the ambassadors and they are not going to allow him to continue his reign of terror anymore knowing that he can be stopped in the here and now.
  • June 7th 1944- President Roosevelt, along with the Chiefs of Staff, meet in a secret meeting to discuss the future of the war. Since the Allies lost at Normandy, they are seriously thinking about withdrawing from the European front, and offering the Nazis a truce. They are not going to inform the British that they are thinking of this, but they can’t just let the British be wiped out entirely. It is eventually decided that the Americans will make a truce with the Nazis, but continue to supply the British with supplies, until they either lose or win. It is then decided to go to war with the Russians in response to his killings of millions of people, and the brutal attacking on the ambassadors.
  • June 16th 1944- Premier Stalin receives word that the Nazis are only about 100 miles from Moscow, and his troops are collapsing in on themselves. Even Officers are reported of surrendering in order to save lives. Stalin is infuriated, and orders the execution of all officers and troops that fall back even ten feet. Upon hearing this, Soviet officers all along the front begin surrendering, and giving the Germans weapons and some supplies in exchange for their assurance of killing Stalin very, very slowly. The German troops are all to happy to oblige, and continue forward, encountering no resistance for at least 45 miles. The Soviet troops that gave up the supplies and weapons are allowed to return home to their families and have assurance that they will be rewarded for their help in reaching Stalin.
  • June 20th 1944- Soviet troops are ordered to defend Moscow to the bitter end, and some do. Others, hearing of the generosity of the Germans to the Soviets that gave up supplies and weapons, opt to let the Germans pass right through the area unscathed. Stalin is completely blown away at the lack of honor that the troops have. Even some of his top officers who are no more than three days into the rank of "trusted ally" are willing to just let the Germans pass into Moscow and let them take over if it saves countless lives. The Germans are now only ten miles from Moscow.
  • June 25th 1944- Stalin finally surrenders after the Germans who made it on the 22nd storm the Kremlin and catch him trying to commit suicide. Stalin signs the surrender surrounded by his Generals, who are fully willing to take German orders if it saves them. Upon signing the surrender Stalin accepts the following terms.

1. Everything West of the Ural Mountain range is now German territory.

2. The Russians are to pay reparations to the Germans over the next 15 years. (Eventually totaling 15 billion dollars.)

3. The Russian Army is to have no more than 200,000 men in service at a time.

4. The Russian Government is to now accept Fascism as the official government of the USSR.

5. Adolf Hitler can, at any time, choose to break all ties to the USSR.

6. Stalin will be voted on by the people on whether he should live or be executed.

Stalin was quite confident that the scars he has left in the USSR will make people to scared to execute him. Over the next two weeks, votes are tallied on the matter. Over 16 million people voted, and 15.63 million voted to see Stalin executed by whatever means. Stalin is taken to a prison to be held, while Hitler chooses his fate. Hitler is overjoyed by three things. First, he gets to kill that Bolshevik Stalin any way he wants. Second, he has won the Eastern Front, and now only faces the British who could not be angrier at the Americans for turning their backs on them. And lastly, that the Final Solution was about 75% complete. But Hitler is also quite worried about something that even he can't win against. Hitler was slowly succumbing to Parkinson's Disease, and he would need to finish the war soon, otherwise his empire could easily fall apart. He decided that he would have to make peace with the British in the next few weeks.

Adolf Hitler

Hitler during a speech, hiding his internal pain.

Operation Sealion

Originally when Hitler had tried Operation Sealion, the invasion of Britain, he never got across the English Channel. But since the Russians were defeated, and the Americans had withdrawn from the war, Hitler believed that he could win against the British, since he had a few things that the British didn't. First, the Germans were just out of the Russian War, and had experienced troops in combat. Second, the German fleet was at it's strongest since after the first invasion attempt they were just sent back to Germany, only the U-Boats were allowed to stay in open waters to harass the Allies. Lastly, the British were furious at the Americans for leaving them alone to fend against the Nazis. If Hitler could only persuade some Pro-Fascist people in Britain to rise against Churchill, then he could easily overthrow the country.

  • April 17th 1944- The American Government receives a secret telegram from Berlin and it is immediately sent to President Roosevelt. The message reads as following:

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing this to you in hopes that you can convince the British Government to surrender to Germany. I know that we have had our differences in the past, and I can understand that what you and your country did was for the best, and benefit of your people. I am doing what I do for the betterment of my country as well. I can say with certainty that the German people will win this war, and although you may not like it, we shall become the dominant country on this planet. I am offering you and your country, immunity in the coming years, and in exchange, you will no longer provide support to the British, and negotiate a treaty between our two countries. Should no agreement be made on the matter, we will not stop until the British Empire is under our control. Once that goal is achieved, I hope that our countries can work together to stop any and all other people that seek to threaten or destroy the peace of the planet.

Sincerely, Adolf Hitler

President Roosevelt read the letter several times, debating whether or not to stop assisting the British. On one hand they could continue to support the British and they could eventually fall, or they might win, which was highly unlikely. Or he could stop supporting the British and save his people from the future possibility of a German invasion. He would have to think a long time about this.

April 19th 1944- Adolf Hitler is shot by a British rebel when he is making a speech applauding the German people and all they have done. Unfortunately for the rebel, Hitler is not killed and the rebel is immediately executed for the attempt on Hitler's life. He is however, paralyzed from the waist down, as the bullet pierced his spinal cord just below his stomach. Hitler is guarded by a troop of 20 SS at all times until he recovers.

The Beginning Of The End

  • April 26th 1944- The Canadian and New Zealand Prime Ministers arrive in Britain for the Imperial Conference. The delegates are there with other Prime Ministers from around the world to discuss the future of the war. At this point it would be very hard for Britain to win against the Nazis. New Zealand opts to stop sending support to Britain since they needed supplies to stop the Japanese counter attacks that the Americans had not anticipated in the South Pacific. Ireland and Australia however, would be happy to send increased supplies to the British in exchange for removing all debt that they owed the British Government. Churchill readily accepted the offer.
  • April 27th 1944- As the meeting of the Prime Ministers comes to an end, German planes find the location of the conference and drop over 40 tons of bombs on the building. Amazingly Churchill survives, but the Prime Ministers of Canada, New Zealand and Ireland are killed in the bombing. Elections would need to be held immediately to choose new leaders.
  • April 30th 1944- Pro Fascist officials in Britain stage a coup d'état and execute Churchill for his incompetence, and allowing German planes to kill British allies.(The Fascists just needed a reason to oust Churchill, they could have done it at any time.)
  • May 2nd 1944- Sir Oswald Mosley, former leader of the British Union of Fascists, is released from prison and handed the reins of the British Government. He immediately orders that all British troops allow German plan

    Sir Oswald Mosley, Prime Minister of Great Britain

    es to land at local airfields, and allow the Germans to have whatever they please.
  • May 3rd 1944- Hitler is beside himself. Not only has a person who loves Fascism just obtained the British Government, he is allowing Germans access to the country! He immediately orders troops across the English Channel to occupy the country. He also orders a meeting with the new leader of Britain.
  • May 4th 1944- Sir Oswald Mosley arrives in Berlin, and is immediately whisked away to a secret meeting place with Hitler. Mosley is blindfolded, but he is sure that Hitler would not try anything to a loyal Fascist like himself. An hour later Mosley arrives at a secret meeting place, which we now know as the Fuhrerbunker, and eagerly greets Hitler and his troop of major politicians. Hitler is adamant that the British are now friends of the German Empire, and he wishes Mosley long lasting peace between the two countries.
  • May 5th 1944- President Roosevelt is extremely nervous about the following days, as one of his aides put it in an interview ten years after the war. Roosevelt would just stare outside for hours, and mutter to himself. What the aide didn't know is that he was planning an alliance between Germany and the United States against Japan.
  • May 6th 1944- Hitler receives word that Roosevelt wants to make an alliance against Japan, and finally end the war that had been plaguing the world for the last five years. Hitler is willing to accept on the terms that the United States

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