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Romeo of Naples (Principia Moderni)

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Romeo Entori
Timeline: Principia Moderni

King of Naples
1609-1611;1612-1634 –

Predecessor: Carlo V Anjou-Trastamara, Giovanni Fuzzoli
Successor: Giovanni Fuzzoli, Benvolio II Entori
Born: April 4, 1570
Cagliari, Sicily
Died: July 31, 1634
Naples, Naples
Wife: Joan Entori
Profession: General, Warlord
Romeo Entori was the victor in the Neapolitan Civil War (defeating Carlos V of the Anjou-Trastamara house and Giovannni Fuzzoli). He is responsible for the amazing recovery of Naples following the War; however, he remained isolationist like the preceding monarchs. He reigned over Naples for 23 years, seceded by his son, Benvolio II.

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