Romeo Entori
Timeline: Principia Moderni

King of Naples
1609-1611;1612-1634 –

Predecessor Carlo V Anjou-Trastamara, Giovanni Fuzzoli
Successor Giovanni Fuzzoli, Benvolio II Entori
Born April 4, 1570
Cagliari, Sicily
Died July 31, 1634
Naples, Naples
Wife Joan Entori
Profession General, Warlord
Romeo Entori was the victor in the Neapolitan Civil War (defeating Carlos V of the Anjou-Trastamara house and Giovannni Fuzzoli). He is responsible for the amazing recovery of Naples following the War; however, he remained isolationist like the preceding monarchs. He reigned over Naples for 23 years, seceded by his son, Benvolio II.