Rome is one of France’s largest cities and the largest city in terms of size, population, and commune in the Duchy of Italy with a population of 17,213,000 people, making it a major city with an influence of culture, trade, finance, commerce, and government. It is located on the Tiber River in the central-western section of the Italian Peninsula within the province of Lazio. It is home to the semi-autonomous municipalities of France, known as the Vatican City, the seat of the Papacy, the head of the Roman Catholic (a Christian) religion. Due to this, a vast majority of the population is Catholic.

Rome is one of the world’s oldest cities, with a history stretching through two and a half thousand years. According to legend, two male infants were raised by a female wolf, which were Romulus and Remus. When they grew up, the men decided to establish a new city. However, the dispute of who would name it led to the death of Remus, allowing Romulus to name the new city Rome. It was the capital of the ancient civilization of Rome (the Roman Kingdom, the Roman Republic, and the Roman Empire). At that time, it was the dominant power of Europe and the Mediterranean region, spanning from 1st Century BC to the 7th Century AD, when Rome fell to Germanic barbarian tribes. Due to the well-known culture, it was known as the birthplace of western civilization, whose influence can be seen until this day. Since the 1st Century AD, Rome was the seat of the Papacy (after the Roman Empire became a Christian nation obviously), and after the end of Byzantine control, in the 8th century, it was the capital of the Papal States, which lasted until 1823.

After the Medieval Era, Rome was ruled by Popes including Alexander VI and Leo X, who led the transformation of the city into a major center for the Renaissance, as well as Florence. Numerous monuments were built at the time; including a new version of St. Peter’s Basilica, and along with it, the Sistine Chapel, famed for its paintings (especially the one in the ceiling) made by the famed the famed Renaissance figure Michelangelo. Other famous artists and architects, including Bramante, Bernini, and Raphael also contributed to the glory of Rome, who became well-known contributors to Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

According to the Word Cities Index, Rome was categorized as an Alpha world city, as well as the 16th most important and most influential global city. Rome was the 6th most-visited city in the world by tourists, famed for its ancient Roman and medieval-to-modern Italian buildings and monuments, parks, gardens, art galleries, and hotels. Its famed monuments have all been World Heritage Sites by the ILESCO. Rome’s reputation and assets has made it a very popular city according to the French Cities Index and the World Cities Index, which is the 3rd most famous city in France (after Paris and Jerusalem). At least 11.2 million tourists visit Rome per year. Rome also hosted the 1960, 1972, and 1992 Summer Olympics and it currently a nominee for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

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