The Roman Empire is a large nation, standing close to China in size. It has most government actions around the City of Rome, on the Roman Peninsula.

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The Roman government is a republic, led by the Emperor. Citizens are of high concern with bathhouses placed in many towns. Their military is often composed of non-Romans and mercenaries.




Rome was founded in 753 BC. Early in its history it was small compared to Greece, but slowly concurring and engulfing kingdoms outside itself reaching nearly the size of Greece by 200 BC.

Also happening, was its evolution of technology, going through Bronze and Iron. They even had plumbing, with the downside being its pipes are lead.


In 79 AD Rome was huge, with two major cities being Rome and Pompeii the eruption came as a surprise. Over 20,000 people being brought out of the city by Vlassis Jacobis. Around 5000 people refused to believe this eruption or leave home. Their death was inevitable.

The survivors with Jacobis all went to Rome. When Jacobis spoke to the Emperor Titus, he rewarded him 5000 Aurii.

Soon after, a huge ash cloud was spreading over the Roman peninsula. Many with already weak lungs (with diseases like TB) died.

Rebuilding of Pompeii

Rome was shaken from the extreme damage caused by the eruption. Titus estimated over 150,000 Aurii were buried with 18000 of damage caused by Vesuvius. In 80 AD he wrote the Rebuilding Proclamation.

This rebuilding took two years to complete. While it was happening, Rome experimented with Iron alloyed pipes as opposed to lead ones.

Classical Era

War with Germania

At 96 AD, Germanic tribes united to form the Cheifdom of Germania. This new nation begun attacking North Rome late that year.

Rome retaliated with little effect at first, taking weeks to be up to par on the war. Without Becnis yet being born it was hard to fight Germania.

The war ended in 99 AD, with the Treaty of Burlienor, nearly doubling the area of Germania. This created peace between the two countries.

Discovery of Lead Poisoning

Starting in 117 AD Roman plumbers begun replacing lead pipes with iron alloyed ones in smaller towns as an experiment. Data as far back as 86 AD shows citizens of New Pompeii lived longer than any other roman town. Scholars were on to a connection.

119 was the year health improvements began appearing in the experimental alloyed towns. As iron alloy spread so did decrease of lead poisoning. 134 was the laws year lead pipes were used anywhere in Rome.

Attack of the Huns

Main article:Hunic War

Huns from the east began attacking Roman towns in 148 AD. Rome was easily fending them off in larger towns, most small towns weren't so lucky.


Temporary loss of Roman land by Huns in pink

John and his army finally cracked down on this just before 159 AD.

Travels East

Without threats from any neighboring countries,some Romans traveled east, years later stories of a large empire east of Rome began spreading, even more fueling the travels.

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