Kingdom of Rome
Timeline: Principia Moderni II (Map Game)
Kingdom of Rome Coat of arms of Norway
Flag Coat of Arms
Rome Map
Location of Rome

Nos non Peccabitis Aliquando (Latin)
("We Are the Champions")

(and largest city)
Krizium (OTL Erzurum)
  others Arabian
  others Muslim Minority
Ethnic Groups
Greek and Turksih
  others Georgian, Armenian,Persian, Slavs, Arabian
Demonym Roman
Government Constitutional Monarchy
  legislature Roman Assembly
Monarchs Alexander I
  Royal house: Alsard
Currency Pound
Organizations Eurasian Alliance

Foreign Relations


  • Hungary
    • Wallachia 
  • Russia
    • Grand Principality of Suur-Suomi
    • Saami Autonomous Oblast
    • Minsk
    • Astrakhan State
    • Novgorod
    • Riga
    • Tartar State
  • Dimurats 
  • Crete
    • Cyprus
  • Azerbaijan 
  • Georgia
  • Atlantia (Formerly Granada)
  • Tehran
  • Persia
  • Armenia
  • Iraq
  • Turkey
  • Netherlands

Trade Pacts

  • Comchellak
  • Orissa

Royalty of Rome

Kings and Queens of Rome

First: King Julius I and Queen Lea I (1599-1646) Killed by Muslim extremists

Second: King Marcus I and Queen Uracca I (1646-1673) Killed by Muslim extremists

Third: Queen Uracca I (1673-1687) and King Alexander I (1674-16??)

Fourth: King Alexander I (1674-16??)

The Royal Family

First Generation

Julius (1590-1646)

Lea (1592-1646)

Second Generation

Katniss (1641-1673) First Daughter of Julius, Adopted

Marcus I (1646-1673) First Son of Julius and Lea, First Husband of Uracca

Jacob (1631-1673) Second Son of Julius and Lea

Isaac (1666-????) Third Son of Julius, Illegitimate, King of Azerbaijan

Uracca (1631-16??) Portuguese Nobility, Wife of Marcus

Alexander (1653-16??) Nephew of Julius I, Second Husband of Uracca

Third Generation

Rebecca (1631-1673) First Daughter of Marcus and Uracca

Alice (1631-1673) Second Daughter of Marcus and Uracca

Parts of the Empire

Core Provinces

  • North Anatolia
  • Central Anatolia
  • Southeast Anatolia
  • Aegean
  • East Anatolia
  • Kurdish Autonomate
  • Arab Autonomate
  • Azer Autonomate


  • North Morocco
  • South Morocco
  • Venezuela

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