2PV - RomeFlag

The Roman Flag

Rome is located in OTL Italy and Switzerland. Northern Rome includes the Swiss Alps.


Foreign Policy


In this TL Rome Re-established the senate during the 500s. Rome is still currently under a Senate. They are a Republic. Rome has three main political Parties the Roman Democratic Party, The Senate Party, and The Roman Workers Party.


Rome has had 16 colonies.

Rome has had five colonies in the Americas. One colony was unsuccessful, three other colonies rebelled and formed their own countries. The last colony is still a Roman dependency. The first colony was Nova Roma located in OTL Uruguay. Its first city was Remi which was named after the legendary brother of Romulus. The second colony was Argenterra. Argenterra was located a little bit south of Nova Roma in OTL Argentina. Its first city was Urbanus Argentus. Roads were established between Nova Roma and Argenterra in the Early days.

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