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PoD: In 1938 after having formed the Germano-Italian alliance, the Germans accept the Soviets in with exchange for half of Poland and Japan who has been raging war in China for a year. This is supposed to result in the world which 1984 exists.


In 1939 WWII begins as the Germans and Soviets invade Poland. Britain and France declare war on the Germans and Soviets. While Poland is conquered the Anglo-French army's begin building massive defenses on the German border. As winter draws around the Soviets invade Finland. The Finns join the allies. Britain and France send their best troops to help. Germany invades Norway and Sweden to cut them off. Spain and Portugal, under Fascist regimes joins the Axis. When 1939 turns to 1940 all of Scandinavia is under "Eurasian" (a term to replace Axis) control. Meanwhile in America, Thomas Dewey is elected president of the US against Roosevelt. Dewey sees war with Japan brewing and begins building up the US's war industry. The Spanish, Portuguese, and Italians invade France as a diversionary attack. While the French resist in the south. One million Axis soldiers pour into the Alsace-Lorraine. The Allies are overrun. Within a month Paris is captured. The allies manage to evacuate the French, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, British, and Finnish soldiers from France. President Dewey begins sending weapons and machines to Britain. The Germans, Spanish and Soviets begin to pound England with bombers. London is turned into a wasteland as the bombardment is overwhelming. The British government flees to Belfast. Japan with Soviet oil invades deeper into China. The Soviets annex Xinjiang. In Fall Axis troops cross into Tibet and Afghanistan. Indian troops resist the Axis in the mountains and turn the Himalayas and Hindu Kush mountain ranges into giant defensive lines. India is safe for now. Japan and the Soviets turn their attention elsewhere. On December 7th, 1940 Japan launches attacks on the Philippines while the Soviets invade Alaska.
US troops in a winter forest

American troops in Alaska, 1941

President Dewey declares war on the Axis. American unites flood Alaska along with Canadian and Newfoundlander soldiers. While the Japanese and Soviets hit the US in the Pacific and Alaska in early 1941 the Germans and Italians pushed into Africa. Yet Germany lost the battle of El Alamein when American troops arrived to save the day. Mussolini's dream of a new Roman Empire began to crumble after Anglo-South African forces liberated Ethiopia which had been under Italian control since 1935. The Germans however launched more attacks into Egypt when Field Marshall Guderian arrived and slapped the Italians back into shape as Axis forces won the Second Battle of Tobruk. The paths of battle for the next several months swayed back and forth across the Egyptian-Libyan border. Even as German tanks moved into the the Congo, Allied forces finally won the 5th battle of Tobruk and drove the 2nd Panzer division to Benghazi along with 20,000 Italians. Benghazi was put under siege by General Montgomery even though American General Patton wanted to break into the city and "kill all the Eurasian scum". On September 1st German Reich Marshall Herman Göring created Deutsch West Afrika out of the old Vichy colony's and Spanish holdings. With Spain's last colonial positions lost Spain withdrew from the war. Hitler found this as unacceptable and ordered Portugal to invade into Spain. On October 9th Portuguese forces crossed into Spain with fierce resistance from locals. It was said a farmer and his boys held up a entire division for seven hours with hunting rifles and dynamite along with grenades leftover from the Spanish Civil War. Franco who knew Spain would get conquered if he joined the allies, only declared war on Portugal. Minutes after the declaration Spanish Henkel bombers flew into Portuguese airspace and bombed Lisbon. Since Portugal had no tanks, Portuguese infantry was slaughtered when Spanish panzer Is rolled into their homeland. To support Spain the allies bombed Lisbon and other Portuguese city's which forces Portugal to surrender. At the Gibraltar peace accords Portugal was forced to withdraw from WWII.
Men of the Welsh Army North Africa

South African troops in Egypt, 1943

In 1942 the Allies moved swiftly across Africa and Alaska taking Tripoli and liberating Fairbanks. On January 1st seeing Eurasian defeats in Africa, the Soviets and Bulgarians invade Turkey quickly taking Asia Minor and pushing into the Middle East. Also the US battleship California was sunk near Bombay by Soviet bombers while Delhi was hit with prototype German rockets given to the Soviets as the Russians launched a offensive across the Hindu Kush mountains trying to get into India. Also seeing a Islamic country get invaded by atheist powers was conceived to be a insult to Islam and Sharif Hussain tethered the support of every Muslim in Arabia and formed the New Caliphate. Hussain's goal was to drive the infidels back into Europe and Jihad was to begin as Islamic troops attacked and surprisingly defeated Soviet tanks advancing into Iraq. Back in England, Eurasian assaults became more ferocious as German rockets hit London and other city's at a increased rate. These "buzz bombs" or "rocket bombs" were accurate to the point where a radio controlled bomb could hit Big Ben, and of course one did on April 4th, 1942. On May 15th, American Admiral Bull Halsey suggested a new name to replace Allies. It was decided on the 16th to rename the allies the Trans-Oceanic Pact which instantly the axis dubbed them, "Oceanians". On the American Homefront the war was becomes frightful as Canadians and Americans thought the Russo-Japanese forces would invade their west coasts. In the San Francisco and LA shipyards Secretary of the Navy Ernest King approved the construction of vast dreadnaught's being impregnable even to the largest guns of a battleship, or the most explosive rocket or dive bomb. The Alcatraz-class "floating fortress" was the design of the genius Geoffrey Pyke who was responsible for Project Habakkuk. The first of these floating fortress's would not be ready until 1948. Japan was showing signs of leaving the Axis powers and on May 1st Japan evacuated its troops from Alaska to China and Indochina. Japan withdrew from the Axis leaving the Soviets under General Aleksandr Vasilevsky in charge of the Alaska front. Knowing Alaska cold, Siberia-esque winter was coming in several months asked Stalin for a quick withdraw as not to prevent another harsh winter for the troops. Instead the Soviet high command sent every soldier that was involved in the Finnish campaign to Alaska to serve until they died. On May 21st Stalin gave order No. 227, no retreat. In the Middle East Soviet and Caliphate army's had already suffered half a million casualties and dehydration and starvation wrecked Eurasian forces as nomads couldn't be found and the Kurdish rebels were fighting a guerrilla war against the People's Republic of Kurdistan, a puppet government set up by the Soviets to keep the Kurds calm. In North Africa Oceanic army's move into German West Africa using French sleeper cells to wake up and wreck havoc on the Eurasian army's. On March 1st French General De Gaulle landed in Casablanca claiming he was returning to France which would be a slow glorious victory against the Eurasians boch's. Spain which underwent a coup against Franco and Portugal redeclaring war on the Allies quickly saw the Moroccan campaign descend into stalemate. In Eurasia with little men and resources coming out of Xinjiang and Mongolia, the USSR on September 3rd hands those two territory's over to Japan.
Japanese soldiers near Chemulpo Korea August September 1904 Russo Japanese War

Japanese troops evacuating Alaska, 1943

For the rest of the year stalemate lay across the world. On January 20th, 1943 secret German diplomats arrived in Edinburgh on a mission of peace. German officials said they would make peace and repay Britain if the Oceanic alliance to help the Fascists fight the communists. Britain somewhat agreed to theses terms but would only support Germany with guns and ammunition. In America the presidential race was heating up between Dewey running for reelection, Roosevelt running for a third non consecutive term, and William Dudley Pelley, leader of the American silver shirt part, and organizer of the "Death to Eurasia" program started in 1941. In the Middle East the Soviets pushed into Palestine depots the Caliphates heavy resistance. Because Stalin and the USSR was atheist, Stalin ordered the destruction of Jerusalem. In summer 1943 the entirety of central and South America joined the Trans-Oceanic Pact.
Flag of the United Nations

Flag of the Oceanic Pact (Proposal)

With the burning of Jerusalem, millions of Christians, Muslims and Jews go to the Middle East to fight the communists. The New Caliphate manages to capture a Soviet airbase and they use British trained, Egyptian pilots to help the Caliphate win the air war. In the North America the Soviets are pushed out of Barrow and for the first time since the war began in 1940, Allied forces reach the Bering Strait. In the United States support for President Dewey is weakening after Pelley calls the Eurasian Pact "the greatest threat to mankind since the days of Napoleon". Millions manly in the New England and great lakes states do people join the silver shirts. He was nicknamed, "Big Brother Pelley". In Summer 1944 Hitler now wanted to betray the Soviets. With only Russian rockets hitting England for the past year all German and Fascist forces were moved to the Soviet border in secret. A total of five million was amassed but that still wasn't enough for the 11 million Soviet soldiers still on the Communist side.

War against the USSR

Bundesarchiv Bild 183-B28822, Russland, Kampf um Stalingrad, Infanterie

German troops outside Minsk, Summer 1944

On June 22, 1944 Fascist army's with covering fire from rocket bombs and Oceanic bomber formations invaded the USSR. Stalin, shocked, ordered every man, woman, and child who was capable for fighting who wasn't working in the factories was to be sent to the front. This mega mobilization halted the Fascists outside Kiev and Minsk. The poorly armed Spanish and Italian units were easily routed. Thousands were captured including three panzer divisions. Himmler and Goring then fled to Scotland (England was basically a cratered wasteland after two years of heavy rocket and bomber bombardment). Others fled on Hitler's order. On November 3rd, 1944, it was Election Day in America, by the 4th, it was William Dudley Pelley who won. Throughout winter 1944 and 1945 a million Axis soldiers would die in the cold against the Soviets. The tanks became stuck in the frozen mud, the men developed ice cycles on their eyebrows and snot from their noses. Axis soldiers still had summer clothes by January. After this the Soviets launched massive bomber and rocket bomb raids on Axis city's. With captured German scientists taken surely before Barbarossa, in Kazakhstan the Soviets detonated Project Stalin, the worlds first nuclear bomb on April 1st. In months time as Soviet forces entered Poland the USSR dropped these bombs on Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin, Rome, and Bucharest. At least one million were killed along with Hitler who was inspecting damages done to Berlin by Soviet bombs. President Pelley met with Chamberlain (who was reelected in 1940 after promising to defeat the Axis) in Edinburgh with Free Polish leader Emmanuel Goldstein, Free French leader Charles de Gaulle, and the de facto German leader Reinhard Heydrich to discuss the intake of German refugees.

Ruined streets of Paris as the Red Army closes in on the Eiffel Tower

It was decided to take any that could get in the boats. On September 2nd, 1945 the whole of Germany was under Soviet control, by October France, Spain and Italy was under their control. Stalin now annexed these nations into the Soviet Union. About 500,000 German soldiers and three million European civilians were evacuated to Britain and Ireland. On January 1st, 1946 after three months of purging Europe, Soviet bombers dropped leaflets all over England, Alaska and other Trans-Oceanic territory's. They read, "People's and Soldiers of Europe, rejoice, the Eurasian Soviet Republic shall destroy the Fascist pigs of Germany, America, and England". From 1946 to 1948, the time period was known as the Anglo-African siege years. American commanders George Patton and Omar Bradley were transferred to the African front to stop a Eurasian offensive to reach the Oceanic pact country of South Africa. In Patton's diary he's said he was more than happy to fight the Communists and to kill all the commies. On March 23rd, 1948 in the deserts of Nevada, the Oceanic pact tested its first nuclear device nicknamed, "freedom one". At a conference on April 5th, 1948, Goldstein demanded that the Oceanic pact invade Europe to liberate Poland. Several days later, the American atomic bomb known as "Little Boy" was dropped on Paris by Colonel Jimmy Doolittle, hero of the Tokyo raid four years before. Paris was destroyed upon the orders of Charles de Gaulle who could bare to see France under enemy rule. Stalin, furious, purged the Eurasian nuclear corps for treason. Heavy allied air presence over Britain meant a Eurasian bomber couldn't deliver a nuclear bomb on Britain.
Paris nuked 2

The mushroom cloud of Little Boy over Paris, 1948

The Great Crusade

On Christmas 1948 Eurasia dropped nuclear bombs Nome, Juneau, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Barrow, and as far south as Vancouver. On New Years 1949 Doolittle dropped another bomb, this time on Brussels. On June 6th, 1949 Oceanic Pact army's invaded the Norway SSR. Goldstein and Eisenhower called it the "Great Crusade". Allied soldiers attacked while fallout was still in the air as at 12:00, June 5th, 1949 the night before a atom bomb was dropped on the Eurasian garrison at Oslo. Allied forces got as far as the Swedish border before Eurasia destroyed the various ports the Oceanians used to gain entry with nuclear bombs. With the Oceanic pact sports destroyed the allied army's were destroyed. One of the many killed was BBC war correspondent George Orwell at the second battle of Narvik.

Atomic War

In 1951 Eurasia loaded a rocket bomb with a Stalin IV nuclear device and it detonated over what was left of London. The Allies responded with a bombs destroying Helsinki, Leningrad, Stalingrad, Kiev, Minsk, Warsaw, Munich, and Naples. Stalin responded in kind with San Francisco, Seattle, Spokane, Olympia, Portland, Salem, Los Angeles, San Diego, Liverpool, Cardiff, Dublin, and Colchester with nukes. The Oceanic Pact used its remaining nukes to destroy Eurasia's far eastern cities and factories. The last Eurasian nuke was destroyed the British naval base in Bermuda. The Eurasians ended the war with the Caliphate by dropping a nuclear bomb on Mecca. Secretly Eurasian representative Molotov and Oceanic representative Harry Truman met in Tokyo, Japan. They agreed to ban nuclear weapons but continue the conventional war as no victory was achieved during the atomic war. In late 1952 president Pelley (who was reelected a third time) convinced other Oceanic leaders along with Winston Churchill (who was elected in 1945 with promises to annihilate Eurasia) met to unit the Oceanic Pact into one continuous nation, allied against the Eurasians. The talks fail for now. Meanwhile the Eurasians launch new offensives into Indian and Africa. Chemical weapons are authorized by Oceanic nations. The Eurasians barley manage to reach New Delhi be fore being stopped by Indo-Australian units. In Africa Patton launches new offensive which drives the 8th Guards tank army out of Sudan and into Egypt. Most of western North Africa (Free French controlled) remains under European Liberation Front protection.

French Treachery

In mid 1952 De Gaulle arrived in Timbuktu and declared the nation of New France and massed and army of over a million French colonials. De Gaulle said to the New French peoples of North Africa, "the Oceanic Pact has not done they're part in liberating France, that is why we must invade Europa and reclaim our lost territory, Viva La France!" Immediately after that speech De Gaulle made Free France leave the Oceanic Pact. On August 1st, 1952 New French forces landed in Gibraltar and battled their way through Spain and Portugal. Eurasian forces had to be diverted from Africa and Northern Europe had to join the Spanish armies duking with the New French in the battle of Madrid. Also New French armies invaded Sicily in a disastrous up hill fight which claimed thousands. Slowly as the battle of Madrid continued the Eurasian slowly gained numbers. Finally on January 3rd, 1953, encircled French forces in Madrid surrendered to General Vasilevsky. French armies retreated out of Europe and back into Africa. Eurasian army's were moved into Libya. On June 22, 1953 Eurasian army's invaded New France and conquering led the entire country. Throughout 1953 Eurasia was unstoppable as the 1st Guards tank army reached the Bay of Bengal in November and New France surrendered on December 31st. In 1954 a new music was growing throughout America known as rock'n roll whilst in England Oswald Mosley was elected Prime Minister.

Formation of Oceania

With Fascists in control of the Oceanic Pact it wasn't long before Mosley started cracking down on the British and Irish people's. On April 1st all four Oceanic ministries were established. With Hanns Scharff, a notorious Nazi interrogator who used unusual tactics to persuade his clients as head of the Ministry of Love, set with dealing with traitors, spy's and law breakers. Thus spawned the Though Police which tried to keep anti-Fascists either dead or captured. George Patton was had picked by Pelley to be head of the Ministry of Peace, he was a expert tactician from his work in the mainly successful African campaigns. Mini Pax as it was know was to deal with war, and thus British General Bernard Montgomery spawned the slogan, "War is Peace". Ernst Hemingway was selected to head the Ministry of Truth, he was dealing with the news and literature for the Oceanic Pact. Because he was a journalist from WWI and the current war, he spawned the slogan, "Ignorance is Strength". The only man who was right for the job of managing the Ministry of Plenty was a young Massachusetts economist by the name of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Kennedy, a hardcore Fascist and lifetime supporter of the Silver Shirts, after his boat was destroyed by a Eurasian destroyer in the North Sea in 1942 he went into economics and became the youngest governor of his home state by the time he was 32. And so spawned the slogan, "Freedom is Slavery". While the war progressed into the 1950s Massachusetts economy rose to the best in the USA behind New York. In 1955 Elvis Presley recorded That's Alright Mama sending young teens away from the war and to the arts. Elvis unlike other more liberal musicians was not arrested and censored. The Ministry of Truth saw him as the perfect propaganda person. When the Anti-Sex league was established by prominent Christian Fascists such as Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell, all music was directed at the silver legions politics. And so on July 4th, 1955, the Oceanic Pact was declared defunct, here was born the National Socialist State of Oceania, or just Oceania. However Oceania was still a sort of loose confederation as tensions ran high between Panama and Columbia which Columbia still claimed as their rightful territory. To solve this John Kennedy organized a territory from Mexico to Columbia as the new Oceanian state of Latina with its capital in San Salvador, El Salvador. Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina was also merged into another new state known as Rio De La Plata. For propaganda purposes the Oceanian capital was to be in London seeing it was on the frontline's and constantly under assault. Nevada and Utah was merged into Test Ground One, a proving ground for Oceania's newest weapons and to be tested on unsuspecting Mormons who quickly colonized the area. New Mexico was Test Ground Two due to its vast deserts. And the Canadian Northwest Territory was Test Ground Three, to test new weapons in colder climates. Northern Canada, away from the population centers of the south was a giant series of fortified prisons on which only the Though Police and Ministry of Love and Plenty controlled. The Oceanian government was set up to a similar hierarchy to that of the old USA. With the "Big Brother" Pelley as the supreme leader, "Little Brother" Mosley below as vice leader, and Secretary of State Reinhard Heydrich. It was Mosley's idea running for a while and it spurred into reality. INGSOC, (English-National-Glorious-Socialist party of-Oceanian-Control). The flag was switched from the old Oceanic Pact flag of the Americas and territory's of the British Empire, to a blood red V with a white and black handshaking surrounded by a white box, below it read INGSOC, with the background a jet black color.
Flag of Oceania

Flag of the National Socialist State of Oceania

Old characters like Uncle Sam became replaced with Big Brother. July 4th became known as Revolution Day all national holidays including Christmas was erased from Oceania. Remembrance Day/Veterans Day became Hate Week. Labor Day celebrated the Proletariat of the state. Patriots day was established on September 1st to mark the anniversary of the war.

Turning East Asian

From 1940 until 1950 Eastern Asia was a mess of confused fighting between Nationalists, Communists, and the Japanese. After the Japanese took control of a Area from Mongolia to Indonesia the Chinese civil war continued in secret until the Chengdu and Hanoi massacres by the Japanese in 1956. With the East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere have been completed since 1951 and with millions of loyal Chinese, Mongolian, Manchurian, and Indonesian people loyal to Emperor Hirohito, it wouldn't be right to call the region Japanese. Instead on Chinese New Years 1957 Japan declared itself defunct and the new nation of East Asia. East Asia had very sinister plans for the future. Under the command of Hedeiki Tojo and Emperor Hirohito, East Asia would aim to dominate the world. In Operations Hokushun and Senjun planned surprise attacks on Eurasia and Oceania, if it all went according to plan East Asia would dominate all of Eurasia and Australia. It would quickly begin a invasion of Alaska and Africa to crush the remnants of Oceania. In August 1959 it began to place its rocket subs in strategic places across the world. On September 1st, 1959, 20 years after the Second World War began, East Asia launched attacks against Eurasian forces in India and Siberia, and Oceanian forces in Alaska and Australia. Oceania and Eurasia now found themselves in a odd position. They could not waste resources and lives fighting each other with this greater threat East Asia posed. In mid September 1959 Eurasia sent its rocket batteries to Siberia to bombard Tokyo and Oceania's great floating fortresses to the Pacific to destroy East Asia's ports. With this sudden strike from a thought to be neutral nation was shocking. Also with the Oceanian populace near ignorant from years of propaganda, the newspapers and records were changed to say, "Oceania and Eurasia have always been at war with East Asia". The process of Double think was invented by Hemingway himself. Yet Goldstein was shocked that the war went from trying to liberate Poland to fighting East Asia. He said the war was not really with East Asia but with Eurasia. The Ministry of Truth denounced him as East Asian (and later Eurasian) spy. So Goldstein with his followers fled underground and formed the Brotherhood. Forever Oceania would call the Brotherhood a group of spies and traitors.

Duration into endless war

From mid 1959 to early 1963 the Eurasian-Oceanian pact raged total war against East Asia with millions being killed. Then in North Africa Eurasian troops attacked Oceanian soldiers in Niger. Once again Doublethink rewrote the papers and records. The Eurasian rocket bombs stopped falling on Tokyo and back onto London while Oceanian floating fortresses bombarded occupied North Africa and Eurasia's various Atlantic ports, and not Southern China, Japanese port cities, and Korean cities. As 1963 came to a close, in a secret meeting of delegates from all three superstates said a rough quadrilateral would be established between Tangiers, Brazzaville, Darwin, and Hong Kong, here is where most of the fighting will take place between the superstates. This quadrilateral of violence was very rich in resources and human labor. Human labor was the key to this war. And thus from October 1963 onward, there was to be a war in which only thousands were killed and not millions, and with the lack of nuclear weapons and decisive victories would leave a three way melee, never to end. Oceania had its Fascism and expanse of the worlds oceans. Eurasia had the Atlantic Wall and the endless tundra of Siberia. And East Asia had its mountain fortresses and its fanatical people worshiping death and their emperor like gods. History was no longer real and gone.

1984 map

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