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War in Ukraine
Romanov vs. Yeltsin
Location Ukraine
Result Russian victory, fall of communist regime in Ukraine


1986. During perestroika in the Ukrainian SSR, a rebellion began. It organizer, Grigori Romanov, creates the Ukrainian People's Socialist Republic. In Kiev, they created the Institute of Comrade Stalin and the KGB Ukrainian SSR is reformed into the State Control Service.

1995. The invasion by Russian troops in the Ukraine.

1996. The Battle for Kharkiv.

1997. The Battle for Kiev.

1999. The fall of communist regime in Ukraine.

2000. "Colour revolution" in Moldova.

2001. Independence of Transnistria.

2004. The suppresion of the Orange Revolution.

2008. The collapse of "fascist regimes" in Baltic states.

2009. The nuclear expolsion in Nukus.

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