Before the War

in 1883, the Kingdom of Romania joined into the Triple Alliance with Austria-Hungary, the German Empire, and the Kingdom of Italy. in 1912 and 1913, Romania took part in the Balkan Wars against Turkey and Bulgaria, respectively.


in August 1914, after a period of secretly mobilizing its Army, Romania declared war on Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, France, and Great Britain. the Army invaded Northeast Serbia just as Austria was invading from the North and West while Italy was invading Montenegro from the coast to attack Southern Serbia. the Serbian and Montenegran Armies managed to eventually halt the Central Powers advances long enough to where the winter came in and would halt all Military actions for both sides in the region. however, in Autumn of 1915, Germany and Austria-Hungary managed to convince Bulgaria to Join them in the Conquest of Serbia on the promises of land that the Serbs had taken from them in the Second Balkan War.

the Bulgarian Army Invaded eastern Serbia in October 1915, in coordination with the Italian Army capturing Montenegro and the German and Austrian armies joining together to push down through the the center of the country while the Bulgarians would link up with them and push the Serbian Army into the Bulgarian spearhead that was at it's back. however, the Serbian Army retreated into Western Macedonia down into Northern Greece and west into Albania, where French and British Ships picked them up. the most of the Montenegran Army followed the Serbians into Albania, but about 15,000 Montenegran soldiers launched a Guerrilla war against the occupying central Powers.

the Allies landed troops at Salonika in Northern Greece to help the Serbian Army retreat in December 1915. there were some minor clashes between the Anglo-French forces and the Bulgarian Army, but the two respective armies just bogged down and constructed trenches all across Northern Greece. the Allies had been invited to occupy Salonika by the Greek Prime Minister, Eleftherios Venizelos, who wanted his nation to join the Allies, even though the King of Greece, Constatine I, was pro-German. Venizelos was fired, but the Allies stayed in Salonika for a year and a half, leaving in spring 1917. the Bulgarian, Italian, Romanian, German, Turkish, and Austro-Hungarian armies all fought the Allies until they had left Greece. Venizelos attempted an Allied Powers backed coup to over throw Constatine's government, but failed. shortly afterwards, Greece joined the Central Powers.

with the Greco-Balkan Front abolished in June 1917, Romania could turn its full attention to Russia. the Romanians, Germans, and Austrians, backed by expeditionary forces sent by Italy, Greece, and Bulgaria, forced the Russian Empire to collapse in late 1917, thus terminating the Eastern Front. in early 1918, Romania sent 250,000 men to the Western front and 100,000 men to the Mesopotamian and Palestinian fronts. in the west they helped bring about the Central Powers victory over France and Britain, while in the Middle East, they could not stop the Allied destruction of the Ottoman Empire.

Romanian Rifles

this is a list of rifles that the Romanian Army used during WWI.

Steyr-Mannlicher M1895

Bolt-action, 5 Rd. capacity

Austrian produced and Imported.

Mosin-Nagent 1890

Bolt-Action, 5 Rd. capacity

Russian produced, imported from Russia before the war.


Bolt-Action, 5 Rd. capacity

Austrian produced and Imported

Gewehr 88

Bolt-Action, 5 Rd. capacity

German produced and imported.

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