In 1850 a group of revolutionaries unite and call themselves "Independentii" with the purpose of independence and unification of Wallachia and Moldavia for creating a land for the Romanian people.

  • 1852: The ideologies of this group spreads throughout the two countries, and coups are planned.
  • 1853: Coups are launched; first at Iasi and Bucharest, and then in Braila, Galati, Craiova and Poiesti, thus overthrowing the ruling governments, and ending the Ottoman suzerainty. This uprising leads to severe crisis in the empire. Due to the Crimean War, the Ottomans are forced to give Dobrogea to the newly formed country to avoid conflicts.
  • The newly formed country quickly establishes and improves the military units, creating an army and looking onward for a navy. The new country turns into a monarchy and needs the king to be a foreigner, Charles Anthony Sigmaringen becomes the perfect choice.
  • In December 1854 the Romanian army and navy are established.
  • 1855: Romania goes into modernization for the better living of the people.
  • In 1876 Romania and the Ottoman empire sign a treaty to which the Turkish soldiers are allowed to pass through their country to attack Russia, but they are forced to respect the country's territorial integrity and to give them Bessarabia. The next year the war begins, in the beginning the fight goes in favor for the Turks, but they slowly start to lose and make peace with the Russians and give them what is now the Guria, Ajara and Samtskhe-Javakheti regions of southern Caucaz.
  • In the period of 1912-1913 Romania participate in both of the Balkan wars, first against the Ottomans and then against the Bulgarians which results in their loss of southern Dobruja.
  • 1914, the beginning of World War I, finds Romania joining the Entente, after their promise of giving Transylvania to the country if wining the conflict. The army, numbering 900,000 was split, 400,000 would go the defend the Danubian line and 500,000 would invade Austria-Hungary.The war goes well until the period of Dec.1914-Jan.1915 when the counteroffensive begins and the Austro-Hungarian army penetrate the country and smashes the Jiu defensive which leads to the loss of Wallachian part of the country and southern Dobruja (with Constanta as well).
  • In late 1915 the army is reinforced and rearmed, which leads to major victories at Marasti, Marasesti, Oituz and Focsani and thus retaking the Dobruja and Wallachian parts, and advancing in 1916 up to Tisza river line, and would keep fighting in defensive positions until the end of the war in 1918 with the armistice.
  • The 1919 Paris peace conference would not only allow Romanians to keep the captured territories, but would also give Bukovina to Romania, which would lead to prosperous years in the kingdom. Due to Hungary's "split-up" they accept a pact for the continuation of the union with Austria. The Republic of Austria-Hungary is born.
  • The 1920's would find Romania with great economic advancement, having a great agriculture, and being the largest oil producer in Europe.
  • World War I also taught Romanians that with good preparedness, you still need to prepared for more, and thus leading the government to a procedure for the growth of the population for the enlargement of the army.By 1929 the population reaches 29-30 million people.
  • 1933: Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany.The rise of the Reich begins.
  • 1938: The Anschluss leaves Hungary stranded after Austria goes to Germany. With the help and support of Hitler, Horty becomes the regent of Hungary and is promised all the territories conquered by the Romanians if joining the Axis.
  • 1939: Refusing to return Bessarabia back to Russia, Romania enters in a war with the red heads until 1941. At the same time Germany invades Poland and soon the Russians join in, too. World War II begins.
  • 1941: Hitler launches Operation Barbarossa and invades the U.S.S.R, which quickly loses territory. At the same time operation Save the Brother is launched, and the Germans and the Hungarians invade Transylvania in which half of it is quickly lost.

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