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Romania | Romanian Republic | Republică Română (Romanian)

Capital: Sofia

Largest city: Sofia (1,241,396)

Official language: Romanian

Other languages: Romani

Ethnic groups: 93.6% Romanian, 4.9% Roma, 1.5% others

Religions: Orthodox Christianity (85.3%), Catholic Christianity (7.1%), Others (1.4%), Non-religious (6.2%)

Demonym: Romanian

Government: Republic | Unitary semi-presidential

President: Traian Băsescu

Prime Minister: Victor Ponta

Legislature: Parliament

Upper House: Senate

Lower House: Chamber of Deputies

Independence (from Greece):

-Principality (vassal): 24 January 1859

-Principality (independent): 9 May 1877

-Kingdom: 13 March 1881

Area: 110,879 sq km

Population (2014): 7,364,570

Currency: Denar (ROD)

Internet TLD: .ro

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