Socialist Republic of Romania
Republica Populară Romînă
Timeline: President Welles
Flag of Romania (1965-1989) Coat of arms of the Socialist Republic of Romania
Flag Seal
Location of the Kingdom of Romania

Trăiască Partidul Comunist Român! (Romanian)
("Long live the Romanian Communist Party!")

(and largest city)
Language Romanian
  others Catholicism, Protestantism, Pentecostal, Uniate, Muslim
Government Marxist-Leninist single-party state
Secretary General Constantin Rotaru
Population 19,000,000 
Independence 1859
Currency Romanian leu
Organizations Warsaw Pact, United Nations

The Socialist Republic of Romania, or simply Romania is a Socialist nation state in Central Europe, and a satellite state of the Soviet Union.

In 1992, people revolted against the rule of Communist dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu, who led the country since 1965 with his wife's, Elena Petrescu. Nicolae and Elena Ceauşescu were blamed for genocide, abuse of power and damage to the national economy. Soviet forces quickly overthrown the revolution, but disqualified Ceauşescu, who "retired" to a small town in Ukraine, and disappeared from the public eye.

After Ceaucescu, Constantin Dăscălescu was put in his place. Although many reforms were made, and the country became much more democratic, a strict Socialist rule continues up to this date. Dascalescu retired in 2000 (he died in 2004), and was succeeded by Constantin Rotaru.

The Securitate, the Romanian secret police is still actively monitoring the lives of citizens. Although some civil rights were improved over the last two decades, abortion is still illegal in Romania, and the state does not acknowledge the rights of minorities in the country, such as Hungarians.

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