Socialist Republic of Romania
Flag of Romania (1965-1989)
Official language Romanian
Capital Bucharest
Chairman of the SRR Presidium in 1919 General Nicolae Antonescu (1917-1923)
Secretary-General in 1919 Colonel Ion Cestrescu (1917-1923)
Existence 1917-1923
Currency Romanian Ruble

The Socialist Republic of Romania was founded in October 1917, following Romania's speedy conquest by Russian General Ivan Vassiliev. The State was controlled jointly by the Soviet Group of Forces Romania (SGFR) and the Presidium of the SRR, led by traitor General Nicolae Antonescu. In 1923, with the war going even worse, Secretary Trotsky put Romania under direct SGFR control, abolishing the SRR. General Antonescu was hanged by the Romanian Patriotic Guerrillas.

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