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Romania (February's Legacy)

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Legionary State of Romania
Romania (February's Legacy)
Official Romanian
Capital Bucharest
Head of State (Conducator) Corneliu Zelea Codreanu


Following the end of the Great War and the Russian Revolution, the territories of Transylvania, Bessarabia and Bukovina, inhabited by a majority of ethnic Romanians, voted to join with the kingdom of Romania - a decision which was upheld by the treaty of Saint-Germain and Trianon.

The Legionary Movement was a political organisation built on a platform of nationalism, anti-Semitism and pro-Orthodoxy. In 1940, a coup d'etat led by Codreanu took down the monarchy and its coalition partners. The kingdom was then replaced with a one party dictatorship of the Legionary Movement.

One of the Legionaries first order of business was removing the citizenship of those considered "enemies of the Romanian blood" (Jews, Tsiganes, Communists, etc.) through the effort of the Iron Guard.

Form of Government

The legionary state adopted a type of government called "Neo-feudalism". Every citizen was assigned a class (worker, bourgeois, ruler) which grant him certain rights and responsibility.

National Symbols

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