Romania is an southeastern European country. It is bordered by Hungary, the Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, and Serbia. It has a population of 25 million people as of its 2010 census. Its largest city and capital is Bucharest.

Romania, with an advanced economy, large Black Sea shoreline, inclusion in the river valleys of both the Dneister and Danube Rivers, and strategic location, is regarded as the primary economic, cultural and political power of southeastern Europe and has been a key German ally since the end of World War II, being a founding member of TATO. Romania differs from many European countries in that it has a strong-Presidential style of government, with an empowered General Assembly and consultative, unelected National Senate that form the Parliament of Romania. The current President of Romania is Victor Ponta, who was elected in the September 2014 Presidential election and who previously served as Prime Minister from 2011 until his election.

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