The Romancian Empire was brought about in

A.D. 346 by Sanctus Augustus Punceisus. Following a war with Byzantine Empire, the reunification of the two empires was complete.
Empire of the Romantic and Gallic Nations
Inperèo de lens Nazioz Romático îi Gajoz
Romantic empire standard.jpg Roma city histcoa n7751.gif
MottoLen Senato îi len Populo de Roma
Romanempire large.jpg
Extent of the Romancian Empire at the height of its power
[[Demographics of {{{common_name}}}|(and largest city)]]
Official languages Romancian
Recognised regional languages Latin, French, Italian, English, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, German, Czech, Russian, Slovak, Corsican, Sicilian, Sardinian, Piedmontese, Venitian, Picard, Spanish
Ethnic groups  10% French

10% Italian 10% Spanish 5% Arabic/Moroccan

65% Other
Demonym Romancian
Government Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
 •  Chancellor Johann von Augsburg
 •  Vice Chancellor Rajmud ibn Al-Rasheed
 •  Lower Chief Parliamentarian Pierre de Picard
 •  Upper Chief Parliamentarian Ricardo de Piedmont
Legislature Bicameral Parliament
 •  Upper House Senate
 •  Lower House House of the General Assembly
 •  Reunification of Roman Empire A.D. 346 
 •  Government type changed to Constitutional Monarchy A.D. August 7, 1789 
 •  Government type changed to Parlimentary Republic A.D. August 7, 1906 
 •  2011 estimate 180000000 (6th)
 •  2010 census 180346000 (6th)
 •  Density 1000/km2 (70th)
2,590/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 10.9 tr estimate
 •  Total 10.9 tr (7th)
 •  Per capita 10.7 tr (7th)
Gini (2010) 50.3 (14th)
HDI (2010) 0.901 (+9) (5)
Currency Denarius (Dn)
Time zone most european time zones
Date formats mm/dd/yy
Drives on the right
Calling code 50
Patron saint Sanctus Augustus

War of Reunification

The War of Roman Reunification lasted from A.D. 340 to A.D. 346. It was one of the bloodiest wars on European soil, taking 30,000,000 lives, and ulitmately resulting in the Romancian Empire.

Battle of Corsica and Sardinia

The battle of Corsica and Sardinia was the first major battle of the war.

Landing on Corsica and Sardinia

On May 7, A.D. 340, a force of 36,000 Western Roman troops landed on the islands of Corsica and Sardinia. The two-pronged invasion took the Byzantine islands by total surprise. Punceisus' troops quickly took what is now Calvi, Corsica and Porto Torres.

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