400px-Statue-AugustusSophia-Theodora455px-Meister von San Vitale in Ravenna
Augustus - Sophia-Theodora - Justinian I
462px-Meister von San Vitale in Ravenna 008414px-Benedykt XVI (2010-10-17) 4331px-Giulio-cesare-enhanced 1-800x1450
Theodora - Pope Benedict XVI - Julius Caesar 220px-Christopher Columbus444px-Madonna at the premiere of I Am Because We AreLuciano Pavarotti 15.06.02 cropped
Columbus - Madonna - Luciano Pavarotti

220px-Marco Polo portrait417px-Francesco Melzi - Portrait of Leonardo - WGA14795220px-Constantine Chiaramonti Inv1749
Marco Polo - Leonardo da Vinci - Constantine I
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Flag of Palaeologus Emperor (stretched) Roman Empire 30,000,000
42StatesUSFlag United States 16,000,000
Flag of Empire of Brazil (1870-1889) Brazil 14,000,000
Flag of France France 5,000,000
Abbasidflag1 Arabia 2,000,000
Latin, Greek, Italian, Georgian
Predominantly Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Georgians, Greeks
 The Roman people are a European ethnic group native to the Roman Empire, mostly from Italia and Asia Minor (Anatolia). Along with [[Georgians (Great Empires)| Georgians]] and [[Greeks (Great Empires) |Greeks]], They form an elite of Roman Empire.

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