Roman Vladimirovich Rozalenko (October 29, 1911 - November 18, 1990) was an Alaskan politician best known for serving as the Conservative President of the Duma five non-consecutive times between the late 1950's and early 1970's. He is regarded as one of the "Big Three" members of the Conservative Party in the post-Sighovaryin era, along with Kirill Osopek and Igor Golovko. Describing himself as a "rational conservative thinker," he was an influential peer of the Duma in cordoning out committee assignments, arranging kickbacks to constituencies of peers who supported him and Osopek, and squashing Liberal political objectives. Recognized as the idealogue amongst the three, he never served any position in Osopek's Cabinet (thus never heading any Ministry), and coveted the Duma Presidency highly, thus often bringing him to lock horns with Golovko, his arch-rival within his own party. He served in the Duma from 1945, when he was elected as a member of Yakov Sighovaryin's Center Party at only the age of 34, until 1982, when he chose not to contest his seat. He stated in his later years that his greatest regret was not serving as President of the Duma seven times, to beat Golovko's record.

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