the Roman Republic
et Roma Res Publica
Timeline: the Rising Empire

OTL equivalent: Roman Empire
Romae Flag Romae Seal
Flag Seal
Romae Map
Location of Rome

"Senatus Populusque Romanus" (Latin)
("The Senate and People of Rome")

Anthem "Romae Imperium"
Capital Rome
Largest city Rome
Other cities Pompeii, Carthage, Barcelona, Athens
  others English, Chinese, Russian, Scottish
Roman Pantheon
  others Greek Pantheon
Ethnic Groups
  others Greek
Demonym Roman
Government Republic
  legislature Senate
Senate Leader Marcus Aurelius Valerius Claudius Augustus
Consul Leader Flavius Valerius Leo Augustus
Population 56.8 million Millions
Established 509 BC
Currency Denarius
Time Zone +1
  summer May-August

the Second Roman Republic (Modern Latin: Romae Res Publica) is one of the Ancient Superpowers within Africa, Europe, and Asia. Geographically the whole Nation is surrounded by very inhospitable territory of Ocean, Tundra, and Deserts. It shares no political borders.

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