Roman Invasion of Sinope
Principia Moderni III
Roman forces in Sinope after the war.
Date 1409
Location Sinope
Result Roman Annexation of Sinope
Byzantine imperial flag, 14th century Roman Empire

Trebizond 7 Empire of Trebizond

300px-Candar.svg Isfendiyarid Emirate of Sinope
Commanders and leaders
Byzantine imperial flag, 14th century John VIII Palaiologos

Trebizond 7 Alexios Megas Komnenos

300px-Candar.svg Emir Isfendiyar Bey bin Bâyezid (POW)

The Roman Invasion of Sinope was a military conflict fought in 1409 between the forces of the Roman Empire and the Empire of Trebizond against the forces of the Turkish Isfendiyarid Emirate of Sinope.

By the start of the war, the two Greek states had reconciled their previous differences through political marriage between John VIII and Alexios Megas Komnenos' daughter. Alexios was also given a prominent political position within the Roman Empire to further sweeten the deal. With the two forces unified, the allies decided to test their strength and expand their influence in the Black Sea area by targeting the weakest state they could find, the Emirate of Sinope.

The Emirate of Sinope was a weak and disorganized state and as such fell quickly to the allied forces, who used local Greeks to help in their assault. The victory further unified the two forces and also provided the Empire with a capable shipyard and port as well as expanding Roman influence in the Black Sea.

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