Roman Industrial revolution was a period where discoveries in steam technology helped Rome advance into an almost modern nation and saved it from destruction at the hands of the Huns. It in 40 C.E.and was brought on by the the physicist Hero of Alexandria when he discovered the steam engine and ended in approximately 400 C.E. when Rome finalized cannons and conquered most of Eurasia.

Hero of Alexandria

The revolution was by all accounts started by the harnessing of steam and was displayed to the Roman armies by Hero of Alexandria. It was almost laughed off as a toy until a commander asked if it could transport carriages. Hero answered yes and it was used to be made into what can be described as an early tank. No horses were necessary and archers would shoot from the sides.

Pax Romana

Vexilloid of the Roman Empire

A flag of the roman empire

German-factory farm1-Vegetarian World

A Romanized factory in 700 A.D.

This technology immediately allowed primitive cars to be made and slowly but surely technology advanced into an industrial age. Small factories were built by 100 C.E. and the military suddenly had new and better weapons. This gave some of the extra support needed to help take over almost all of Northern Africa and the whole of Europe. Changes rang out in almost every area of life. Now sophisticated Romans couldn't believe in superstitious nonsense in an age of machines and the empire embraced a kind of Pseudo-Judaism and even in military life Rome had a less warlike policy towards diplomacy and eventually settled into a republic again where war was retaliatory and nothing else.

Philosophy came back in greater gusto than ever before, Negotiations opened up with eastern countries like China and India, People gained rights equal to those of the actual industrial age and tolerance was brought to the table leaving rights for all.

Invasion Attempts

Rome, unfortunately after an attempted coup of sitting emperor Judavius in 400 C.E., turned into the bloody pulp it once was. Media was censored, questionable people were jailed and war quickly became the priority of virtually all politics. The still sitting emperor grew paranoid and died suspicious of all other aristocrats in the empire. China was soon after threatened for the secrets of silk and gunpowder, unwillingly giving them up. The cannon was born and Rome stocked itself with enough just in time for the invasion from the Huns, under a similar leader to Atilla under the name Rexus Dio. The war was however one by Rome soon to be followed in 600 A.D. by another Turkish assault.

Rome realizing once again the value of a good military, and spread to Asia like a plague and threatened leaders all across the continent.

Pax Terra

Circa 750 C.E. the Chin Emperor Chin Loa killed himself and his heir surrendered the empire. With the last major empire out of the way Rome settled down and eventually focused all of its energies on peaceful matters. Crude mechanical boats were made and Australia was discovered then taken over with minimal resistance from the natives. The New "Pax Terra" was complete and all of the known world was united.


A roman vessel.

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